Prevent unwanted calls from this solution

Prevent unwanted calls from this solution

(* This article is a guest post with tellows)

Although you can take action against annoying spam and report it to the Federal Web Agency, this does not always bring immediate success. If numbers continue to be manipulated, most call centers are overseas and are more difficult to sue. According to the Federal Network Network, Unwanted phone complaints 2021 for the quarterly value of the previous year and reaching the highest level. However, it is not necessary to just tolerate the call. yes tellows do not bother prevents unwanted phone calls for you.

Simple layout

Thousands of suspicious phone numbers are reported by the tellows community daily. On the phone, the phone numbers are marked with a symbol indicating the risk assessment of the respective number. Numbers given a negative rating actually have 7 to 9 marks and are part of the phone protection. These phone numbers are briefly summarized in the online phone book and thus bring practical protection for the landline phone at home.

With a no-brainer license, an online phone book can be installed on FRITZ! Box home easily. So this phone book gets the phone numbers identified as unwanted from tellows and syncs new entries every day. Telephone numbers are stored with tellows symbols, caller type (eg loud broadcasting) and caller name (eg solar system sales). If the number stored in the phonebook online calls, the saved phonebook data will be displayed. So you can decide for yourself whether the call should be accepted or not.

Phone block for the entire phonebook can also be configured under “Handling Phone” in the FRITZ! Box, so that it does not ring again. Blocked phones appear in the FRITZ! Box interface. Daily updates ensure that current protection is always available to fully dialing phone numbers. No follow-up maintenance efforts.

Tellows: to protect the community

For extra measure against unwanted calls, numbers that have not yet been reported can be added to your online phonebook or existing entries can be edited. Entries created within the online phone book in turn are automatically reported to tellows and received negative ratings. In this way, your own report also contributes to the protection of all other people and strengthens the protection within the community.

More personalization options are possible by linking the account to the site. Specificly reported phone numbers can also be used on all devices, for example with tellows software. Don’t worry it includes a 2 year license for daily updates and supports all FRITZ! Box designs using FRITZ! OS 7.20 or the latest version. Phone protection of tellows is available for Amazon and in tellow shop for € 19.99.

This article was written as a guest post with tellows. Inside the digital there was no editorial influence.

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