Porsche uses cartoons to talk to Generation Z |  Curiosity

Porsche uses cartoons to talk to Generation Z | Curiosity

Cars are also featured in the South by Southwest innovation event (SXSW 2022). Porsche, one of the automakers showing its innovation processes in Austin (USA), chose Sally, a character in the 2002 animation “Cars”, one of its main stars. The iconic character, who brings to life the 911 Carrera model in the Pixar film, has been an inspiration for designers and engineers in the creation of new cars.

Sally is one of the main actresses of the movie that was a hit with Generation Z (people born after the 1990s). The character presented Porsche as synonymous with powerful, fast and, at the same time, modern and innovative cars. In addition, it transformed those children from 2002, now adults and consumers, into an army of fans of the German brand.

And it worked. These fans, in recent years, began to claim Porsches painted in “Sally blue”, the color of the 911 associated with the character. They didn’t stop there: they started sending the factory feedback on how the perfect Porsche would look to them. This connection with the brand, reinforced by the film, says the automaker, has helped engineers and designers invent, design and products tailored for Gen Z.

Sally, a 2002 Porsche 911 Carrera, from the movie Cars — Photo: André Paixão/Autoesporte

Porsche is grateful for this relationship with Sally’s fans that it has decided to give back. The Stuttgart automaker will build a new Porsche based on the character. Using the latest 911 Carrera model, the company will offer by the end of the year a Sally with rounded LED lights, a lower roof, more aggressive lines, larger air intakes and updated sports wheels, as well as the classic “Sally blue”. “.

The Porsche project will be assisted by Pixar’s creative team led by creative director Jay Ward and designer Bob Pauley. Both signed the creative part of the film series “Cars” and participated in the animation “Toy Story”.

It is an honor to rewrite the story of Sally, a character who represents women in the automotive world.,” says Pauley.

Porsche 911 Sally Cars SXSW 2022 – Photo: Disclosure

A new Sally is born unique. According to Porsche, only one model will be built. Once ready, the car will be auctioned by RM Sotheby’s, a traditional auction house. The money raised, says Porsche, will go to two entities: Girls Inc. and the United Nations Refugee Agency (which will send the money to the victims of the war in Ukraine).

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