Porsche to turn Boxster and Cayman into electric sports cars from 2025 |  Electric and Hybrid

Porsche to turn Boxster and Cayman into electric sports cars from 2025 | Electric and Hybrid

When it comes to electronics, Porsche doesn’t play around with amenities. After the launch of the Taycan, a complete success around the world, and make it clear that The Macan will be electric from 2023, The German manufacturer announced that 718 models boxster and 718 Cayman it will be zero from the next generationwhich is expected to enter the market in 2025.

“The Taycan inspires all kinds of people – new and old customers, experts and journalists. We are stepping up our electric attack in another fashion: by the middle of the decade, we want to offer our 718 exclusively in electric mode,” Porsche President Oliver Blume he said.

Members of the 718 family will be Porsche’s first electric car with only two seats. The Boxster and Cayman will use the new Premium Platform Electric (PPE), developed in collaboration with Audi, which will be used in the Q6 E-tron and A6 E-tron models.

The 718 Cayman (pictured) and the Boxster will be Porsche’s first two-seater electric cars.

With this announcement, the Mission R concept, developed entirely for motor racing and presented in 2021 at the IAA in Munich (Germany), looks like a kind of Porsche “laboratory” for the new Boxster and Cayman. In addition to having (very) similar dimensions, the aesthetic and especially aerodynamic aspects of the Mission R should be present in the next 718.

Porsche Mission R paints like Cayman lab version and electric Boxster – Photo: Disclosure

The future of Porsche will be electric

Porsche has strong plans to electrify its entire range. Granted, we shouldn’t see a 911 without a combustion engine before 2030, but all other models from the manufacturer will undergo major revisions with a focus on drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

By 2025, Porsche expects 50% of its sales worldwide to be electric models. For 2030, the target is even higher: 80%. In 2021, around 40% of cars sold by the brand were electric or hybrid.

For this, Porsche intends to develop its network of charging stations, like Tesla. Initially, the sites, which are still in the process of mapping and development, will be located in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Later, the expansion will continue to other European countries and that’s when they will reach the world – we are talking about China and the United States, more specifically.

During the crisis, Porsche grew

The Covid-19 pandemic and the crisis caused by the lack of microchips (semiconductors) and other equipment were not enough to prevent Porsche’s success in 2021, a year in which, for the first time in history, the brand exceeded the 300,000 mark. sold worldwide – 301,915, to be exact.

This number represents sales of 36.6 billion US dollars, 15% more than in 2020. The company’s profit was about 5.8 billion dollars, 27% higher than the previous year.

The best-selling Porsche model was the Macan (88,362 registrations), followed by the Cayenne (83,071). Attention is given to the performance of the Taycan (41,296), which surpassed the famous 911 (38,464), at least in the sales of the brand.

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