Porsche: The new software automatically creates music tracks

Porsche: The new software automatically creates music tracks

Is this the future? I’m standing at a traffic light on a fully powered Porsche Taycan, with quiet music with circular and gentle sounds emanating from the speaker. When the traffic light turns green, I press the pedestrian pedal down and the Taycan moves forward. Suddenly the music changes, it becomes more and more vibrant to the beat. I did not press a button and not the playlist – the The song automatically changes to the running style, generated by vehicle movement. What I’m trying to do right now is a An example of the “Voice of My Life” program from Porsche. The potential for privatization is enormous to enhance the personal experience of driving.

My Life Song: When music changes according to real-time driving style

The most obvious can be in Porsche app “Voice of My Life” make a change in the song as you accelerate and stop, but also when you hit the corner with great speed. At a certain speed, however, the song does not get much faster, so as not to encourage anyone to adopt a challenging driving style. The song must also continue to be heard. When the Porsche Taycan stands up again, the music becomes soft again.

Exciting songs such as “Blade Runner”, “Monday”, “Sunset Bliss”, “Night Crawling” and “Goodbye” are currently available in the model phase, with “The Forest of Oz” sounding more mysterious to bird song and flowing water. To my personal taste, however, the model phase songs prove to be very quiet in everyday life up to a speed of approximately 100 km / h. Current songs are best suited for a quiet ride to sunset or sunset.

If the program “The Voice of My Life” is released in a series production after a few years, additional songs may be recommended for good, such as funk or modern, indie instrumental songs. A large selection of songs is also important – otherwise every driver will soon know all the songs and individual features, so that “Soundtrack My Life” loses its appeal. But Porsche is already planning to work with well-known filmmakers, sound designers and well-known artists who will contribute to the soundtrack.

Personally, I would go one step further to significantly increase the variety of music and number of songs: Porsche offers a free selection of songs, but opens its platform so that any artist interested can find songs that meet the needs of the songs. “The Voice of My Life”. create and upload. Interested drivers have the opportunity to listen to a large number of new songs for a small amount of money or as part of a registration job. Pros for everyone: Porsche has a huge selection of “My Life” songs and musicians can easily make money.

This is how the Porsche Soundtrack app for My Life works

Development “The song of my lifelaunched in Q4 2019. The model is installed on the iPhone creates an individual track from pre-composed elements while driving. This is what the program does based on GPS position about how the driver accelerates, brakes, drives on a winding road or slides into city traffic. The listening experience is always personal.

In the case of possible series integration, the app can be installed on a smart phone and connected to the drive via the “Porsche Connect” app. Additional integration into the Porsche infotainment system is also possible.

Looking Ahead: The Next Steps to the Voice of My Life

In the next step, Porsche would like to work with artists specifically based on the environmental classification order Audio songs for situations, events or events to fulfill. The possibilities would be huge: for example, there would be additional driving tracks on country roads, in the mountains on mountain roads, at night, in city traffic or in certain parts of the world. Even the lighting controls in the car’s interior can be integrated depending on the situation.

With further privatization in the distant future, developers are rethinking it artificial intelligence based on which predicts on smartphones and on PCM (Porsche Communications Management) which song to use current driver status it fits. As soon as you enter, the car realizes that its owner has had a busy day. Since the system is aware of common processes and listening preferences, “Soundtrack My Life” creates appropriate home-based music based on this information.

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