Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo test: the best of the Taycans

Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo test: the best of the Taycans

Sedan then lifted the Cross Turismo break and now the more casual Sport Turismo break, Porsche has rejected its first electric galore. And the most recent of all seems to be the best compromise when making your choice.

Since its arrival in the market, Taycan has not stopped gaining public approval, customers as well as specialized media. Craze is easy to understand: it is one of the most exciting electric cars to drive at the moment with Taycan remains Porsche, with very specific and addictive emotions. Body Cross Turismo, which we tried in the Turbo S, also made a lot of changes, but at the cost of a raised 20 mm chassis that seemed a bit small. It is not enough to make the car less exciting, but just enough for the center of gravity a little higher to give the character a little less sharp than the sedan.

Best between both worlds

To answer this, and for those frustrated with the arches of black plastic wheels, Porsche is now offering its Taycan in Game Turismo. Like a Panamera with the same name, it just is an old version of Taycan original real estate, with the same clearance as the sedan. This offers nothing more or less than the best of both worlds: unless you run a sedan with Sport Turismo one after the other, in exactly the same way and at very high speeds, it is impossible to detect the slightest difference in behavior between the two. And this time the station car provides increased space, especially in the rear seats with more bedrooms (+45 mm). Enough to allow large jigs not to feel claustrophobic, especially since the trunk also benefits from a large rear gate and acquires 39 liters of loading capacity (446 l was announced).

4S: better compromise

porsche taycan 4s sport tourism 5 reviews

As for the question of what is the best performance on the Taycan Sport Turismo (but it is valid for all bodies), it is the 4S version which to us seems more straightforward, once the Battery Plus Performance option is checked. Ready for a reason with her capacity of 93.4 kWh, instead of 79.2, it is he who benefits from excellent column freedom, 498 km according to WLTP measurement frequency. So because it allows him to show 490 hp permanent instead of 435, and even up to 571 hp during Launch Control. 0 to 100 km / h so it claims only 4 s round, enough to show a lot of games on the market. So, choosing a GTS, Turbo or Turbo S is just pure and hard greed, as well as it reduces freedom. Because it does not matter the number of horsepower, the way electric motors deliver their power is the same, there is no technical joy and more power but a stronger impulse. And what makes Taycan a complete weapon on the road is not his speed but his chassis.

The 4S version is equipped with standard equipment and sensible air suspension, sponsor of a Absolutely royal comfort when choosing rims that do not exceed 20 inches, as well as very bad habits. and a few body movements in Sport / Sport + mode. If in addition we add optional rear steering wheel, The Taycan turns out to be an elegant and comfortable GT, but with the ability to lighten the curves. Of course, very high weights (2,170 kg declared empty) end up remembering our good memories in the hills and can be a direct trapper on wet roads. But to get it right like that, you have to look very hard Audi RS 6 or Panamera Sport Turismo.

Quality Award

For others, this Taycan resort also has same mistakes with sedan. Too many screens not the most encouraging in the event of an electronic error, ergonomics is far from ideal, especially with regard to climate control and finishing quality, if it is rough and well completed in the above models, it is not. not the highest quality on the entry level version. And since we have to talk about pricing, let’s remember that you have to pay the least € 110,374 for Porsche Taycan 4S Sport Turismo and that our experimental model with options was around 160,000 €.

Still, at this price, you can afford one of the most exciting electric cars at the moment, all the body functions together, but also one of the state-of-the-art station carts, all cars together. If money and charging are just the second problem for you, we can strongly advise you to address them!

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Jalil Chaouite

Jalil Chaouite

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