Porsche Taycan, new dizzy record: 69 drops in a row

Porsche Taycan, new dizzy record: 69 drops in a row

Porsche Taycan introduced (more) record of the world. A Taycan Cross Tourism was the first electric car to repair 69 “donati” (immediate turns / cycles).

The record was set in Sweden on February 3 by the star Terry Grant during the Champions Race.

He resisted his own electricity

The entry into the Guinness World Record was an example of the Taycan Cross Turismo series with cold tires. To make the record even, the rotations remained within the circular area twice the length of the vehicle. Despite the large reserves of power available (from 476 to 761 hp depending on the version), Grant took several experiments before succeeding in the business.

As mentioned in the video, in fact, ice and snow raised during “spins” often cover some feelings. This led the car to believe it had crashed and crashed completely.

Thanks to a few refinements to electronic devices and a lot of consistency, Porsche was finally able to celebrate a new record that adds to the rich list of Taycan records.

Record breaking machine

Recently, Taycan Cross Turismo also set a record for the highest gross profit ever covered by an electric car. In about 33 hours, Porsche came from the lowest to the highest in the United States covering 2,253 kilometers in total with a difference of height 4,842,967 meters, passing from the Eagle Mine in Michigan to the summit of Pikes Peak, Colorado.

Previously, the Taycan sedan entered Guinness Book of Records as the fastest domestic car ever to emerge (165.12 km / h) and the longest in the world with 42 kilometers covered in 55 minutes. And who knows what the challenge is others await state-of-the-art electricity from Stuttgart in the future.

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