Porsche pulls out of Red Bull Formula 1 deal, says partnership was unfair |  Curiosity

Porsche pulls out of Red Bull Formula 1 deal, says partnership was unfair | Curiosity

cThe relationship between Porsche and Red Bull has barely begun and has already been undone. This Friday (9), in a very short statement (read below), the German manufacturer announced that the company’s negotiations to enter Formula 1 as a partner of a large beverage company were. terminated without success.

With a touch sound, Porsche said that one of the basics is that the partnership will have an “equal position”., taking into account not only the supply of engines, but also the operation of the team. According to the manufacturer, “this could not be reached”.

Porsche ends the statement saying that “System 1 remains an interesting environment” to the company. And that will continue to monitor the main motorsport community.

In recent years, rumors that the Volkswagen Group would look at Formula 1 have gained momentum. When the division approved the new engine regulation, scheduled to start in 2026, the rumors were confirmed and the Germans confirmed the entry of not just one, but two brands at the event.

Less than a month ago, Audi announced that it would enter the category specifically in 2026. There is still no confirmation of the path that the Ingolstadt company will take, but rumors (again) are finding that. The gateway could be the acquisition of Saubertoday it is represented, at least in name, by Alfa Romeo. The Italians, however, have already announced that the partnership will be dissolved at the end of 2023..

Audi will enter Formula 1 in 2026; Sauber is the most likely route – Image: Solution

Porsche’s way has always seemed worse. With a not-so-positive record in Formula 1, the Stuttgart brand’s return had been rehearsed since 2019, when it developed an engine that met last year’s rules for the category. But the idea ended up being scrapped without further explanation..

When the Volkswagen Group finally confirmed that it would participate in Formula 1, Porsche and Red Bull sought a partnership. In theory, an agreement can be beneficial to both parties. The Germans would enter the division once and for all and the Austrians would acquire the engine manufacturer, after Honda dropped out of the competition. Let’s wait for the next events of this novel.

Check out Porsche’s full statement:

In the past few months, Dr. English hc F. Porsche AG and Red Bull GmbH discussed the possibility of Porsche entering Formula 1. The two companies have reached a mutual conclusion that these negotiations will not continue. The premise has always been that cooperation would be the basis of equality, which would include not only the cooperation of the engine, but the team as well. This could not be achieved. With the rule change complete, Formula 1 remains an attractive environment for Porsche, which will continue to be monitored.

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