Porsche Panamera new, interior shows exterior style

Porsche Panamera new, interior shows exterior style

Porsche it does not stop Panamera, instead of. Despite suffering internal competition from SUVs and electric models, the German flag will continue to live with the new generation along the way for the next few years.

The company has been trying prototypes for some time, but this is the first time, thanks to us spy imagewe can get into a new style and see all the technological innovations.

Linked to Taycan

Ifpassenger compartment it seems to be known to you is because several components are derived from electricity Taycan. In particular, the digital instruments which owns the entire dashboard based on Stuttgart’s zero quality. With this option, the Panamera interior makes a significant improvement over the current generation, with a configurable tool panel, infotainment system center and screen set for front passenger.

Arrangement of controls and presence of some of the potential controls in the covered central tunnel Black Piano.

Among other things, a summary of what might be there also appears on the infotelematic system screen A new camera. It is difficult to distinguish exactly the terrace, but it seems that the new style will bring a completely redesigned front section and even sports lines.

More and more mixed (and stronger)

When it comes to the engine, the Porsche Panamera will continue to be delivered with fuel-efficient trains and hybrid plug-ins. In particular, some rumors talk about the more powerful versions that come from 2.9 V6 and from 4.0 V8 thanks to the support of a small hybrid unit to make operations more attractive and significantly reduce fuel consumption and production.

Porsche Panamera 2023, new spy images

He also confirmed Panera E-Hybrid which can receive a new generation of power training to improve not only performance data, but also a wide range of electrical conditions and recharge times.

Before the first match, however, there will be a way to gather more information. Porsche’s first world show is expected to take place only in a period of 2023.

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