Porsche offers you travel with a roof tent!

Porsche offers you travel with a roof tent!

If you have a crazy desire to get away from it all, but are more interested in sports cars than a motorhome, Porsche might be the solution for you. Regardless of the model, whether it is electric or oil, the manufacturer can provide you with a roof tent!

Was the Stuttgart manufacturer inspired by the story of this persuasive traveler traveling the world with a 996 pitched roof? Except the big bag that the Db brand installed on Taycan Cross Turismo? It always isnow offers roof tent trips with several of its models! Whether hot or electric, nothing stops you from traveling in a German sports car.

Porsche takes everything

Porsche now offers even the most unusual event: travel for 3 days aboard a Taycan Turbo S Corss Turismo or 911 Carrera 4S and sleep on board! All cars have a nice roof tent that you should only uncover at the end of the day. And the manufacturer takes care of the organization: cars, road book, food, drinks, … Porsche has planned everything, except the hotel, of course.

Black Forest or Rhine banks?

Two options are currently available, all located in Germany. Someone invites you to follow the Rhine when you stop for local wine growers. The second crosses the landscape of the Black Forest. If these two experiences seem interesting, yet they are not given. In any case, calculate € 2,490 per participant. Lo. Finally, it is the same with Porsche that we are talking about! And you, where would you go?

Watch the video of this Porsche experience below:

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