Porsche offers to sleep on its 911

Porsche offers to sleep on its 911

Written by Olivier Duquesne on

The motor home is in style. Porsche doesn’t want to miss that opportunity. It offers a new addition to the roof of the 911 Coupé and the Macan, Cayenne, Panamera and Taycan.


A roof tent is a popular accessory for sleeping in your car. Porsche is trying an experiment by adding this camping method to its list. The “roof tent” is suitable for the 911 Coupé (not the GTs), but also for the Macan, Cayenne and Panamera and Taycan. The tent is attached to the roof box. Then, once at the campsite or overnight stop, simply follow this procedure:

  • Open the lockable safety latches
  • Raise the roof box slightly
  • Open the roof box using two gas pressure shock absorbers
  • Then open the floor leg area
  • Strengthen the structure using the integrated telescopic ladder
  • Unfurling and erecting the tent
  • Stretch the canvas with four arches.

The floor area of ​​the tent is 210 x 130 cm. Depending on the model, the maximum weight allowed on the roof tent is 140 kg or 190 kg. The floor is a high density polyfoam polystyrene mattress. The walls of the tent are made of a breathable cotton blend. Zippers are water resistant. The two side windows can be fully opened for ventilation or blacked out for darkness. The equipment has mosquito protection and a separate rain cover for the door, tent. Please note: with the tent folded in the roof box, it is forbidden to exceed 130 km/h with your camping Porsche.