Porsche is entering Formula 1 by buying part of Red Bull

Porsche is entering Formula 1 by buying part of Red Bull

Legal documents surrounding Porsche’s entry into Formula 1 have revealed that the German manufacturer will take a 50% stake in Red Bull Racing, with a 10-year commitment.

Porsche arrives in F1. Although there is no official release yet, the European Union’s antitrust rules have led to the release of the agreement. As reported by our Motorsport colleagues, the revelation comes from Morocco, one of 20 countries outside the EU where expropriation has been more or less formalized. While the documents say Porsche has taken a 50% stake in Red Bull Technology, the deal is set to be extended to the entire Red Bull Racing team.

The Volkswagen Group has already confirmed that it will run the Audi and Porsche names in the Formula 1 championship when new engine regulations are introduced in 2026. Although an agreement between Red Bull and Porsche has been rumored for some time, Audi’s path to the Formula 1 championship is less clear. For Porsche, it is more clear: the Stuttgart company will build the Red Bull powertrain of the future.

From Honda to Porsche

Originally, Honda, which has supplied engine blocks to Red Bull Racing since 2019, had to hand over its plans to Red Bull so the Austrian company could develop its own engine. That plan has changed and Honda not only retains the intellectual property rights, but also continues to assemble and service the current engines.

According to leaked documents, an official announcement about the Red Bull-Porsche partnership will be made on August 4. Meanwhile, Audi is believed to be talking to Sauber executives after attempts to partner with McLaren failed.