Porsche GT4 ePerformance |  CAR JEWS AND SPORTS

Porsche GT4 ePerformance | CAR JEWS AND SPORTS

Diving, why not? Because of the spring weather in Valencia Province? No. There is only a short time left for the automatic completion of the Circuit Ricardo Tormo, which the Porsche GT4 ePerformance is already melting with a high power output of 450 kW, so jump fast on a motorcycle racing moth. BMW M1 Procar series, what was that again? Formula 1 drivers who, before their actual race, get into similar cars to prove their worth as steering wheel for spectators – not a bad idea.

It is also possible for the Porsche motorsport squad, which has no idea what to do with their concept of an electric-powered GT race car. It is part of the expanded 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport, whose nose is now diving toward a single curve. No, do not let the upper left corner of the steering wheel irritate you. Even if the ABS settings option is not real – ePerformance does not. The steering wheel comes from the 911 RSR. On the other hand, the lower right knife works, triple clicks, and the competitive mode works.

1.6 tons of clean game

So now please boldly break the 1.6-ton Porsche, but with enough feeling that the LED lights on the left and right on the device column do not turn purple. If so it was: standing wheels, followed by smoke and the possibility of Michelins angular. bad. The pit workers told me before it started that it would burn before I could see the wheels locked, so stop the brakes right away. Now the boys sit in front of six monitors and see every mistake I make on the steering wheel and pedal in real time. But now nothing burns. Take high speeds, over 140 miles per hour, then return to the gas pedal, a slight increase, which the GT4 ignores and accelerates tirelessly.

Porsche AG / square

700 kW can drop marks.

Turn two, break it again, it is now purple, it already smokes, take off the brakes a little, hey presto, you run a meter and a half from the right line. Danger of electric race cars: Estimating speed, adjusting brake parts. Why? The acoustic direction that the internal combustion engine train carried you in is missing. It doesn’t even have to be a cultural shift and a connection with which the Procar fighters distinguished themselves.

Are you on your way Sirr?

No, even the automatic transmission in modern tourist vehicles provides a useful feedback, supported by the fact that the driver triggers the process of shifting by pulling on the steering wheel. There is none of that. It sounded, yes, it does. The roaring and wailing, not artificial, but real, perfectly straight, but in line and speed. And speed is always there. One time. Also because: hold. Four-wheel drive because of two engines, very fast and accurate power supply for fuel slicks. So, slightly elevate before turning left, then speed up for a while, return to the brakes, and enter the tight part of the right hand.

Of course, the GT4 does not feel light here, but it runs at a disturbing pace, forcing its way into the corners, it seems to be calm, steady, and it tells you clearly: Now get back on the right pedal! That’s right! And how to do it. To make it work: Two motors with a battery 82 kWh (net: 65 kWh). Although the “single” battery is not quite the same, because it does not fit in the position where the combustion engine was previously: in the middle of the car.

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Michelin bakes special tires for the project, which is said to be sustainable.

So 25 percent of each reservoir under a large carbon cover in the passenger well and under the front cover. By the way: There is a second model that works without two small battery packs. Weight of about 250 kg less. It looks even more alive at an angle, but it manages only 210 km / h directly, otherwise energy would be lost very quickly. But that’s just the way it is.

Now: nine mode

Is it a brand new battery? No, instead of 52 NMC 622 VDA type cells. Special feature: oil cooling. Compared to Taycan’s Porsche company, it reduces heat resistance from 1.8 watts per Kelvin to less than 0.2 W / K. This increases the energy density from 1,257 to 1,707 W / kg – and the equivalent energy density from 216 to 217 Wh / kg. Upload? And up to 350 kW.

In any case, the cell not only tolerates around 35 degrees Celsius compared to a production vehicle, but twice as much. It does not have to last long. True, the GT4 ePerformance should hold on. The main final is still coming, you know, when you play with Porsche through the indoor stadium. 13 years, on average, just before you start finishing. The eternal left side that is slowly closing. Finding a good place to stand here once would be like winning the Spanish Christmas lottery.

GT4 ePerformance test

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Timo Bernhard (r.) Gives final tips for a safe journey.

Now in the box, take a quick look. “Now: the ninth state,” is the command on the radio. Meaning: Six more buttons on the lower right-hand switch in the center of the steering wheel. The ninth method opens 700 kW. Why not 800, which was still mentioned in Mission R? he went too. With elements from the rear axle.

value added fire

However, their extra weight could not compensate for the extra performance, but it would put a heavy burden on the battery. Thus: 700 kW. Or in D-Mark: 952. That’s a lot, I’m already sure at the moment when Porsche exits the pit road at a speed of 60 km / h reduced by the hole limit. It’s getting warm. I breathe fresh air in front of my hat from two snorkels on the left and right of the sheath panel.

Overall, you sit here quite easily, adjustable shell, adjustable steering column, ample space under the roof for a large helmet. Stop, don’t slow down. 700kW. Procar’s young men were already very active and almost half as strong. Okay. Eyes close and go. Short time. Open your eyes! Open your eyes. Up towards 2 turns, over 200 km / h, one more hell. Brakes, no purple lights, please. Everything fits. take out. Down, bend left, lop, of course. Each step on the accelerator: Jericho. Without a doubt. Only power. Feeling as if a bucket seat was about to push you and hit your butt on the pavement while Porsche continued to accelerate without shaking. Is the Curva de la Afición (as it sounds!) Still full, as it was previously with 450 kW? It is possible. But I can’t imagine.

GT4 ePerformance test

Porsche AG / square

Lots of buttons, but nothing to adjust the driver’s mood.

But who knows, because so far I could not imagine that this plane would also be fun with 700 kW. Fear eats away at the soul, and so on. But it is worth it, at least to the extent that you want to get used to the speed. Then. The GT4 is self-propelled, then manages when expected, for example when speeding too fast, slightly protected by front-wheel drive. If you enter a sharp corner with a large angle of steering wheel, the front wheels will push. The same is true when there is a lot of gas … electricity … smoke and operating angle. Poor performance, so to speak – in short: with a very high level of amateurism. Then turn 14 spit out Porsche rattling over curbs on start-finish automatically, shortly after the start of the new lap shreds in the limiter at two hundred and sixty. Braking, speeding, coming up, daring, there is still something going on. It really works, not for very long. A standard of 700 kW is considered a qualifying condition, for a 30-minute 450 kW race must be sufficient. for now.

Porsche is cautious however and does not want to hold the repair cup immediately until 2026 sooner. In what form? Keep quiet. Concept: System 1. Unfortunately, the Procar era lasted only two years. Ferrari and Renault did not allow their drivers to play together, after all they are creating road sports cars themselves. Maybe not a good example like that. So: It comes from motorsport moths. when something new.

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No, CO2 savings are not so high that it would be advisable to admit losses in practice.

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Politicians call for electricity for everyone. Did he also mean the sport of cars? It does not matter. Either way, race cars like the GT4 ePerformance can be very fun, especially because of the crazy performance. And for all traditionalists: the sport of motorcycle is like road traffic – it will still be some time before electronic technology replaces combustion engines. Desire.

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