Porsche Carrera Deutschland 2022 Cup – Ten Voorde Victory at Zandvoort – 4Legend.com – AudiPassion.com

Porsche Carrera Deutschland 2022 Cup – Ten Voorde Victory at Zandvoort – 4Legend.com – AudiPassion.com

Larry ten Voorde won his home race at Circuit Zandvoort in the Netherlands. Driving for the GP Elite team, he crossed the first finish line in the eighth round of the 2022 Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland and entertained the crowd at the stadiums.

“Winning in front of your fans is a very special thing. I got out of line very well. Then I had to go through two phases of the safety car but at the last minute I managed to get a safe victory. », explains ten Voorde. In the race for the ADAC GT Masters, the 25-year-old competed in the event with Bastian Buus of Denmark (Partner Race) and Porsche Junior Driver Laurin Heinrich (Germany / SSR Huber Racing) second and third respectively.

At a temperature of 21 degrees Fahrenheit[21 ° C]and the sun, 31 pilots’ airplanes took off with poleman ten Voorde in front. From the start, three out of ten Voorde, Buus and Heinrich fought for top positions. Two security vehicles added extra excitement, which saw the 510 hp (375 kW) Porsche 911 GT3 cups assembled. After several attempts to overtake him, Buus responded with lightning speed after re-igniting a second time, drawing between the ten draft Voorde and balancing it with the most popular one.

ten Voorde, however, defended their leadership and defeated Buus on the flag and claimed their second win of the season. “After a fresh start, Larry ten Voorde made a small mistake but unfortunately I could not benefit from it. Still, the three podiums in the last four races are the best style. »concluded Buus, who is one of the drivers at the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland Pool Pool.

Heinrich completes the stage in third place and thus finishes in the top three for the seventh time. “It was important for me to have two chances at the start of the race. Overall, the first half of the season went very well. With the exception of one race, I was on the podium all the time.”, said the leader of the series Heinrich. Fourth, Rudy van Buren (Netherlands / Huber Racing) got his best results of the year so far. Fellow Jesse van Kuijk and Max van Splunteren (both GP Elite) won fifth and sixth place. As a result, four Dutch runners finished in the top six in their home race. Finland’s Jukka Honkavuori (Identity Contest) finished the race on the 4.259 km runway in seventh place, with Michael Ammermüller (Germany / SSR Huber Racing) finishing 12th on the national grid and finishing in eighth place.

On the North Sea circuit, which runs through the Zandvoort ridges, Jan-Erik Slooten (IronForce and Phoenix Competition) took his fourth victory in the ProAm class. The German won his unit ahead of Carlos Rivas (Luxembourg / Black Falcon) and Georgi Donchev (Bulgaria / Huber Racing).

After a race weekend in Zandvoort, Heinrich leads the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland 2022 mid-season. With four wins and 169 points, the 20-year-old is ahead of defending champions ten Voorde (137 points) and Buus (118 points). In the ProAm category, Slooten ranks first. The best player after 8 out of 16 races is Lorcan Hanafin (UK / Fach Auto Tech). SSR Huber Racing leads the team category.

“Both races in Zandvoort were extremely clever and a good way to finish the first half of the season. Seven different drivers have managed to reach the pitch so far this season. It also promises an exciting climax in the next eight races.” Project Manager Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland.

After a six-week summer break, the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland will head to Nürburgring from August 5-7. In the German Eifel region, rounds 9 and 10 will be contested as part of the ADAC GT Masters support program. The Phoenix IronForce and Black Falcon competitions have a short trip to the song. Both teams are located in Meuspath, a few miles from Nürburgring.

Race results 8
1. Larry ten Voorde (Netherlands / GP Team Scholars)
2. Bastian Buus (Denmark / Partner Contest)
3. Laurin Heinrich (Germany / SSR Huber Racing)
4. Rudy van Buren (Dutch / Huber Contest)
5. Jesse van Kuijk (Netherlands / GP Team Scholars)
6. Max van Splunteren (Netherlands / GP Team Scholars)
7. Jukka Honkavuori (Finnish Contest / ID)
8. Michael Ammermüller (Germany / SSR Huber Racing)
9. Dylan Pereira (Luxembourg / IronForce and Phoenix Competition)
10. Lorcan Hanafin (UK / Fach Auto Tech)

Position points after race 8 out of 16
1. Laurin Heinrich (Germany / SSR Huber Racing), 169 points
2. Larry ten Voorde (Netherlands / Team GP Elite), 137 points
3. Bastian Buus (Denmark / Allied-Racing), 118 points

List of employers
1. Lorcan Hanafin (Great Britain / Fach Auto Tech), 155 points
2. Alexander Fach (Switzerland / Fach Auto Tech), 132 points
3. Huub van Eijndhoven (Netherlands / GP Elite), 119 points

ProAm Standard
1. Jan-Erik Slooten (Germany / IronForce Racing by Phoenix), 172 points
2. Carlos Rivas (Luxembourg / Black Falcon), 136 points
3. Georgi Donchev (Bulgaria / Huber Racing), 101 points

Position for the team
1. SSR Huber Racing, 268 points
2. GP Elite Team, 210 points
3. Partner Race, 150 points

Photo: Porsche