Porsche breaks off partnership talks with Red Bull

Porsche breaks off partnership talks with Red Bull

In a press release published on Friday, Porsche indicated the end of negotiations with Red Bull regarding the German brand’s entry into Formula 1 in 2026.

The contract ended. In a press release this Friday, Porsche announced the end of negotiations with Red Bull regarding the partnership regarding the Formula 1 team from the 2026 season. However, an agreement in principle had been reached at the beginning of the summer between both brands.

Volkswagen, the parent company of Porsche, will already enter the paddock in 2026 with Audi, its subsidiary. The German company had given the green light to merge Porsche and Red Bull. “Over the past few months, Porsche AG and Red Bull GmbH have discussed the possibility of Porsche entering Formula 1. Both companies have now come to the conclusion that these discussions will no longer be pursued,” Porsche said.

F1 remains “interesting” for Porsche

For Audi, nothing is official yet but the partnership with Sauber should be announced at the end of 2022. Porsche will now have to continue looking to enter Formula 1. also the team. This could not have been achieved, continues the press release of Porsche. While the regulatory changes have been completed, the championship remains an attractive environment for Porsche, which will continue to pursue it.”

Porsche, like Audi, is already a known player in endurance categories. When confirming Audi’s entry in 2026, the FIA ​​said that the news coincided with “new regulations for the power category, specifically designed to allow newcomers to join the sport at a competitive level”. That is to say that the current V6s will be replaced within four years by more powerful electric models with “100% sustainable” fuels, two things that helped convince Audi to enter the competition and which must also please Porsche.

It remains to be seen who now Porsche will be able to negotiate to enter Formula 1. Recently, Michael Andretti, the owner of an unknown team that plays in IndyCar, made a request to the FIA ​​to join the paddock, which may join. staff of eleven. What can allow proximity to Porsche. For its part, Red Bull wants to maintain its identity and works on its own engine. The Austrian team is currently working with Honda.