Porsche 718 Boxster Edition 25 years, “sky” double collector

Porsche 718 Boxster Edition 25 years, “sky” double collector

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, Porsche is launching a very limited edition of its “small” Boxster sports car, a unique model in more ways than one that will mark the history of the manufacturer.

Porsche is arguably the sports car manufacturer that makes the most of the energy transition. Along with the range of SUVs (Cayenne and Macan, its best seller) are now hybrids, like the Panamera sedan, a 100% electric model, the Taycan, which is a commercial success (41,200 examples sold last year, figures doubled in 2 years. , now outselling the iconic 911!), 2 new 100% electric models in preparation, proof is in, Porsche has gone green and profitable. And that’s not counting his research on synthetic oils, which also promise…

It remains a historical part of “pure sports” to be electric. A sensitive task for a manufacturer whose customers remain very attached to the hot engine, and to the charm of flat 6-cylinder engines, a symbol of the brand. The first difficult step was taken a few years ago with turbocharging, a source of savings and efficiency for engines that are still difficult to use less fuel and emit CO2.

This version has a six-cylinder engine in the mid-rear position. © Antoine Larigaudrie

Porsche: a permanent revolutionary achievement

But it’s inevitable, the next generation 911 will be a hybrid and the smaller 718 Boxster/Cayman will have to debut as well. After all, electrification is part of Porsche’s DNA… which was the first manufacturer, in 2011, to produce a large plug-in hybrid car, the incredible 918 Spyder.

So we’ll have to take advantage of this 100% hot Boxster while it’s still available! And for once, this special 25th anniversary edition is already a collector’s item in more ways than one.

This limited edition takes on the classic colors of the first generation Boxster.
This limited edition takes on the classic colors of the first generation Boxster. © Antoine Larigaudrie

Already, it celebrates Porsche’s undeniable ability to gain market share by “rocking” its own customers. This manufacturer of sports and racing cars, which previously focused mainly on the production of the famous 911, has, however, managed, over the decades, to keep a true hybrid within its range, even if it means raising the eyebrows of its traditional customers: 4- cylinder models, Grand Touring V8, sedans, SUVs, now electric… and always successful and profitable! A real lesson in marketing.

The main thing: a unique and exciting example

The Boxster/Cayman followed this logic as well, and was originally intended to further expand the sports clientele to the light car enthusiast side. A plan that at the time surprised fans of the brand, who were confused by the adoption of a small chassis and a large rear engine. Not yet…

Success there again. Mayonnaise takes hold, and the Boxster signs a good work, selling about ten thousand copies a year… by taking the basic recipe that has made the success of the 914 (built by Volkswagen), and more from us from the 550. , famous for taking out James Dean .

Only 1250 copies of this anniversary edition will be produced.
Only 1250 copies of this anniversary edition will be produced. © Antoine Larigaudrie

Porsche presented the original Boxster concept car in 1993, and the commemorative version on test reproduces, and in every detail, the specialness of the model: the unique metallic gray color, the characteristic red upholstery, the side panels of the front air highlighted in gold and special. matching rims… This very limited edition (1,250 units, no more) is not lacking in style and is completely different from the production Boxsters.

A real “old” machine.

Getting on board requires some manipulation, but once installed, we are very impressed with the comfort of the seats and the feeling of being “struck”, and all the controls fall naturally. The interior design has always been high quality in Porsche, but here it takes a bigger dimension with this unusual red upholstery with very fine stitching, brushed aluminum vanes, and a few “old-fashioned” details that make this car out. timer, a needle clock, a somewhat backward-looking Bose audio-infotainment system (with a CD player, it becomes a rarity!) and even a real cigarette lighter (even more so).

The red interior takes on a historic color from the Boxster's history.
The red interior takes on a historic color from the Boxster’s history. © Antoine Larigaudrie

In fact, the pleasure of the senses begins with the ignition of the engine, by means of the key placed on the left side of the steering wheel. And we happily rediscover the unique rhythm of the flat 6-cylinder engine, typical of the brand. 4 liters, full atmosphere, 400 horse power … It is placed behind the seats, it is still difficult to reach but its presence there and its wonderful sound gives the feeling of being one with the car.

Of course, this Boxster has Porsche's famous needle chronograph.
Of course, this Boxster has Porsche’s famous needle chronograph. © Antoine Larigaudrie

In addition, it should be noted that thanks to this arrangement, the Boxster benefits from 2 trunks, one in front (small but long in length) and the other behind the engine, wide and long, at the end of the Stern. With a combined capacity of 280 liters, these 2 shelters are far from ridiculous and will allow you to carry the same as 2 large sports bags or even a little more, enough to focus very serenely on the weekend for two, even a short week! The only caveat: if you go shopping, avoid the fresh produce in the back, too close to the engine.

Unusual strength and agility

It’s hard to describe the thrill of driving and piloting the Boxster. If it’s easy to travel with the wind in your hair (the top electric piece takes 7 to 8 seconds to open and close) if it’s a powerful attack, the machine is fun with an impressive and direct speed, thanks to the turbo there is no, but not necessarily to be wild. (4 seconds from 0 to 100km/h). Besides, you don’t need to go faster to take advantage of the dynamics, precision and sharpness of this lightweight chassis, which takes insane cornering speeds.

Our test model has 400 horsepower.
Our test model has a capacity of 400 horsepower. © Antoine Larigaudrie

Moreover, if modern cars tend to gain weight from generation to generation due to sound insulation and safety, this is not the case with the Boxster, which will only take 200 kg in 25 years. (911 has taken more than half a ton since 1964! ).

The pleasure at the wheel is immense, fueled by an incomparable engine, supported by a formidable PDK automatic gearbox (for purists, this 25-year-old version is also available with an excellent manual gearbox!). Finally, holding the road is proverbial with excellent braking. Every ride becomes a real pleasure for those who appreciate good mechanics and good feelings.

Blackhead: malus horribilis

Are there any bugs to report? It’s true, fuel consumption that will struggle to go below 15l/100km in the city, and CO2 emissions of 230g/km, making the machine eligible for the diabolical penalty of… 40,000 euros (and even 50 next year). But customers of this type of model are already used to the idea of ​​paying the price of a very good 2nd car to get it …

Otherwise, with a little forcing, one can wake up some direction weight at a very low speed, the unpleasant feeling is emphasized by a very large turning circle (11 meters). It takes a little care to drive, but a helping hand comes quickly and this Boxster is simply amazing to live with every day. Additionally, its damp, yet stable, ability to dig speed bumps and holes flexibly. A truly successful balance.

The 25th anniversary edition of the Porsche 718 Boxster is priced in our test configuration at 110,970 euros.
The 25th anniversary edition of the Porsche 718 Boxster is priced in our test configuration at 110,970 euros. © Antoine Larigaudrie

Finally, this 25-year-old Boxster combines two collector’s items in one design. It is without a doubt one of the last 100% warm and 100% atmospheric Porsches, a sign of the historical page that is about to turn, while celebrating all the qualities of a car that, despite its uncertain beginnings, has been set as an example of a car . aggressiveness, agility, playfulness and power, while remaining a low level of performance. Addictive as hell.

Our test model: Porsche 718 Boxster Edition 25 years – price 110,970 euros.