Police are investigating a complaint of an assault on students at a Cianorte school

Police are investigating a complaint of an assault on students at a Cianorte school

Police are investigating a complaint of an assault on students at a Cianorte school

Graphic Image: Fábio Dias/PCPR

The Civil Police of Cianorte opened an investigation to investigate complaints made by mothers of students at a private school in Cianorte.

In the police reports registered at the police station this week, the mothers explain that their children report being physically and psychologically attacked by the coordinator and teacher of the school.

That is what the member in charge, Wagner Quintão, explains.

“The legal guardian of the child came reporting that, in the school where her daughter studies, the girl would be the victim of physical abuse, slippers and other behavior by a teacher from a private unit in the city of Cianorte. The statement of this mother was taken and that was the end of the day a second mother appeared informing that her son would also be a victim, but in a kind of embarrassing situation, of the inappropriate behavior of another teacher in the unit. We contacted the Guardian Council that same day to see if they had any information, any knowledge of this fact, and they reported that those involved have already been heard at the Council of Guardians, and they are waiting for other people to be heard and also direct the children to a special hearing”, says the member.

According to the representative, the school’s security cameras were assembled professionally. The experts were heard and denied the situation, says the delegate.

“I went with the detective to the school, we seized the photo recording devices to see if they have photos that can record what was being reported by the mother. However, the legal body responsible for the education sector reported that the equipment is not working. Now they are arrested and going to judicial investigation. The allegations were heard yesterday and other witnesses will be heard in the future, and we are still waiting for the children’s hearing which was held there in the council of trainers. Those accusations belied the truth,” says Wagner.

Cianorte Adventist School posted a note on social media. The statement says that the institution focuses on “a service involving the physical, mental and spiritual development of students”. The message also states that “the school has taken all appropriate steps in relation to the complaints received, to protect all students and staff.”

The media outlet Tribuna de Cianorte reported that the organizer and the teacher were removed from the school until the end of the investigation.

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