Polestar boss wants 02 in production

Polestar boss wants 02 in production

The world of convertibles is completely shunned by electric cars. We can easily guess why: weight and low dispersion being the main reason. However, following an interesting revelation concept 02the boss of Polestar does not seem to be interested in shelving the project.

We can say that the unveiling of the Polestar 02 last March caused a sensation. Until now, there are electrical switches on five fingers of one hand. In fact, except for the Tesla Roadster and the smart ForTwo convertible, this electric body configuration does not exist. However, following the presentation of the 02 concept, the style study could have a second life at the request of the brand boss.

Thomas Ingenlath, the boss of Polestar, does not like the norm. Moreover, he never ceases to prove that his brand must distinguish itself in improvement compared to the competition. We know that the lineup will change rapidly in the next few months with the launch of 3 SUVs and 5 mid-size sedans, but there is still a lot of room for trade-offs.

To ensure its differentiation, Polestar is well aware that manufacturers, for the most part, won’t be playing in the convertible segment for several more years. So there is an interesting business opportunity for Polestar. However, between wanting to do and being able to do, there are several steps to go through and pitfalls to overcome. Mr Ingenlath even announced his intention during his interview with the publication Top Gear “My ambition is to make it a production car, but it’s not so easy. You have to respect the complexity. We have to see how the 02 concept evolves. When drawing the canvas, it’s always a good idea to let it settle for a while before continuing. »

The challenge for Polestar lies in the complexity of the design and how to effectively integrate a removable hardtop without completely compromising driving dynamics. In addition, weight will be among the problems to be evaluated. As we know, electric cars are already very heavy; putting a retractable roof on it won’t help its cause. Finally, the car still needs to work and be in good shape.

If the project goes ahead, there is a very good chance that the 02 concept will use a common platform like the 5 2024 and other models to come. As usual, the 02 concept would be a coupe-cabriolet version of the 5 with obvious design connections. It will be the same for the engine components. However, there may be differences such as one electric motor and not two as in 5. We can reduce concept 02 in this way. However, the possibility of all-wheel drive with a combined output of 872 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque is certainly exciting.

So Polestar still reflects the 02 concept, but the good news is that the boss wants to see it in production. If Polestar is given the green light, we shouldn’t expect to see it on the road until 2025 or 2026. After all, Polestar has other bigger models to bring to market first.


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