Polestar 2: Volvo is creating an electric “SUV-Sedan” to fight the Tesla Model 3 – 03/03/2019

Polestar 2: Volvo is creating an electric “SUV-Sedan” to fight the Tesla Model 3 – 03/03/2019

Volvo Cars has continued the unveiling of its flagship attraction for Geneva Motor Show 2019which will start next week, with a very clear purpose: to take precautions away from the arrival of Tesla Model 3 “Basic”, $35,000. In the words of Swedish executives, Polestar 2 is an example with “avant-garde design to provide a unique customer experience in the electric car segment.” [no padrão do Hemisfério Norte, carros médios aqui no Brasil]”. Directly, Volvo shows the anti-Model 3.

The idea is to compete with the North American electric car, including a pricing strategy, starting with the most expensive version, and then having a more attractive version for the market. Volvo and its Polestar (electric performance car) division promise to have a 39,900 euro ($45,000) version by 2021.

Initially, only the Launch Edition, the most complete, will be sold for 59,900 euros (US$ 68,200 — equivalent to R$ 258,500). The downside is that even this “launch version” comes out in early 2020.

Every sale will be made online, although the model can be found at major Volvo dealers. In the second minute, the Volvo will change to go “Correct”which is already being implemented in the United States.

“Polestar 2 is our first all-electric car and first volume model. As an electric performance brand, and through the launch of a portfolio of all-electric vehicles, Polestar is determined to address the world’s air quality challenges. Polestar offers the best electric performance cars to drive and have in the garage,” Polestar CEO Thomas said Ingenlath.

As the name suggests, this is the second car of the Polestar division (the name is also used by sports versions of traditional Volvo models, such as Germany’s Mercedes-Benz/AMG and BMW/M). The first was the Polestar 1 sedan with a fully sports logo and derived from the SPA base, keeping the resemblance to a sedan. S60. Unveiled a year ago, it will start production in China, now in 2019.

There will still be a third model to be revealed, probably an actual SUV.

Vegetarian Interiors, Google multimedia

Costing more than Tesla, the Polestar 2 will have an aggressive sales strategy with a strong focus on an “eco-friendly” image, as well as the use of cutting-edge technology. All to attract young viewers and even against the idea of ​​having a traditional car.

This even includes using a label that seemed unthinkable in the automotive industry: the Polestar 2 promises to offer an interior built according to “vegan” instructions.

according to chief architect he gives Polestar, Maximilian At Missoni, the idea is to follow the movement which prohibits the use of any materials of animal origin or that have been tested on animals. “We decided to bring something different to the segment (…). We designed the interior according to the vegan standard, using high quality fabrics, which will appeal to the kind of visionary audience that will make the signature of Polestar 2 “.

A daring move also in the exchange of control center, communication and multimedia. The Polestar 2 will not use the Sensus system, developed by Volvo Cars itself. Instead, we will have a system developed by Google and based on Android. Functions such as navigation through Google Maps, commands given by “natural conversation” using Google Assistant and updating directly through the Google Play service (like on a mobile phone) are promises to compete with Tesla (which updates cars its always), but also with brands that already have excellent interfaces, again the German Mercedes, BMW and Audi.

The style of the cabin is similar to the Volvo XC40, but the “intelligence” of the Polestar is developed by Google and the materials used are “vegan”

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Will it be boring or will it be powerful?

For those who found all the news to be boring, Polestar promises a model with a pleasant look, and a body that is at least controversial. It resembles a sedan, but in “tall” size and has a trunk lid and a “fastback” opening. This style can be further enhanced by the “Performance” package, which includes a suspension system of Öhlins, Brembo brakes and 20-inch forged wheels, as well as visual changes.

The platform is CMA, the same as the Volvo XC40 sold in Brazil, but the specifications of the Polestar 2 were not revealed..

The powertrain promises plenty of power: with all-wheel drive, it produces 414 horsepower and 67.3 kgfm of torque. The data is from the V8 combustion engine and allows 0-100 km / h in “less than 5 seconds”, according to Volvo. And the promise is 500 kilometers of freedom per charge.

Volvo XC40, the cheapest semi-autonomous in Brazil

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