Plug-in hybrids are very popular

Plug-in hybrids are very popular

The most promising hybrid cars are finally not pleasing drivers that much according to the latest statistics.

Since their arrival on the market, plug-in hybrid models have experienced a rapid rise in power. And for good reason, this type of fuel has many advantages, and especially that of combining the advantages of combustion and electricity. And for good reason, it is possible to drive in zero mode and not use a single drop of fuel, but also to fill up with gasoline or diesel when we cannot find a charging station on our way. So, there is no risk of failure! However, this type of car does not have only strong points, as it also has some limitations. Starting with the weight, but also the need connect so you don’t use too much oil. Presented as perfect as a perfect compromise, this engine is harder and harder to convince.

Decrease in sales

In fact, according to the latest sales figures, motorists are slightly deceived by this alternative. Last July, the plug-in hybrid vehicles their sales fell by 22% across Europe, while electric models rose by 20% in the same period. And it’s not necessarily better across France, when the market share of plug-in hybrids is struggling to get started, still below 8%. In general, drivers prefer to turn to fuel or all electric, instead of choosing this in between. Especially since the ecological bonus of € 1,000 will soon disappear at the end.

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Some properties

However, Jato Dynamics he still has a lot of faith in this engine. According to an automotive data expert, “ plug-in hybrids are not very interested in regulations, and this is already affecting their market position. As governments try to steer the industry towards clean electric vehicles, hybrids still have an important role to play if we are to see the widespread adoption of low-emission vehicles across Europe.“. In addition, this type of car is still successful with business, as 75% of customers are professionals.

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