Pirelli tires for electric cars: so there are more variants

Pirelli tires for electric cars: so there are more variants

It now affects more tires than ever before: electromobility. Of course you can electric cars and plug-in hybrids fitted with regular tires. But tires specially designed for electric vehicles offer significant benefits, is, among other things, calm and add variety. Pirelli even creates performance tires for electronic sports cars that should meet the highest requirements. Pirelli’s research and development studies in Milan, Italy, show what exactly needs to be considered.

Pirelli Imaginator: How fast tire performance works

In a large dark room, a Pirelli employee sits in a real sports car and drives it online via a computer-generated theme. The screen is large, stretching from floor to ceiling and in a large column next to the car. In fact, it is circular 210-degree panoramic screen with a diameter of 7.5 meters. For the player this should be quite a dream.

Compared with conventional methods of development, the Pirelli Simulatorquickly design the exact model of any vehicle with various technical specifications on the system. Then let yourself tire models on different roads and turns in different driving conditions and more accurately on their respective properties testing. According to Pirelli, the simulator deviates from the truth by only 3 percent. Only the last 5 to 10 percent of tire growth takes place on a real test track.

Good tires have these characteristics

From Pirelli The effort is huge, but for one high quality tires decisions. Very dependent Standing distance, traction and stability it depends on the correct rubber compound, while the carcass, the supporting bones and the central tire system, is responsible for stability. even treadmill and for improved operational response he cares.

Modern design of treads with sticks and sipes on the tire is also very important. Improving brake performance and tensionone drainage speed allowing and thus ensuring safety and control in wet conditions. More than that the tread pattern reduces interior noiseto increase driving comfort.

Electric Tires: Complex Challenges – Pirelli Success Formula

For Electric car tires and plug hybrids ni detailed adjustments important; because these cars have more weight due to the battery, so that the brake distance is longer and the normal tires and tires suffer a lot of stress, which leads to more wear. Heavy weight also puts a lot of pressure on the tires when speeding up and setting that corner The design of the tire for electronic cars is more durable to be. As a result, it is also important to strengthen the carcass as well as the size, number and position of the local ones Realign Steel Belt.

Additionally, electric motors have high and, above all, instant torque, which results in sudden, powerful speeds. One special electric car tires must therefore high liability and immediately attached to the asphalt, without getting tired early.

One of the most important factors in electric car tires and plug hybrids is aging low rolling resistance represents contributors to increase frequencies and at the same time to reduce noise. Since the electric drive alone has a pleasing stability, the tires should not make too much noise. To accomplish this, the prototypes of the tire in Pirelli are placed on the sound barrier sound lab taken forcefully under the wing to reduce tire noise in the simulator under various parameters. This is between different road surfaces to different car weights. Many microphones in the sound laboratory ensure that Pirelli developers do not miss the noise at all. Pirelli also mimics all possible maneuvers to drive with different tire pressures.

High quality tires like those of Pirelli are also expensive to promote safety testing to be subjected to. After all, tires are the only connection to asphalt in a car and, for example in an electric car, they have to bring about 2 tons or more to stand fast. The Pirelli machine can accelerate tires up to 500 km / h, which is considered even minor damage that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Pirelli Elect: Electric car tires are just the beginning – there are many more to come

It can be seen on Pirelli yes Electric car tires and plug hybrids for “Select” logo. Pirelli goes one step further: when conventional electric cars are driven mainly in the city in everyday life, the maintenance and grip of a sports car is therefore not required, but the longer type, which a good tire can improve, is needed. But more and more are coming electric performance vehicles sokoni, special made new tires for Pirellito provide extra care and style of sports driving and a slow-paced pedestrian for the pleasure of driving.

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