Pickup Ram will be released in Brazil

Pickup Ram will be released in Brazil

After a long period of rumours, Stellantis confirmed that it will release a picture of the Ram name in Brazil. Temporarily treated with the name / code 1.200, to mention the possibility of its load capacity, the body must be of medium size, being larger than the Fiat Toro.

At this size, it will enter the most controversial segment here, which today brings together, among others, models such as the Chevrolet S10, Nissan Frontier, VW Amarok, Ford Ranger and Mitsubishi L200. And, immediately, it is possible to predict that it will arrive with the option of a diesel engine and 4×4 traction.

So far, the Ram brand has only been present in Brazil with large, full-size trucks, such as the 1,500 and 3,500 models, currently available at dealerships and responsible for more than a thousand units sold here in the first half of this year. .

At the moment, what is known is that Stellantis is already in the prototype road test stage which, due to its size, seems to be an afterthought. That’s because, in such cases, prototypes usually hide completely, or even use their obvious physical function.

Logically, the new Ram should be produced at the conglomerate’s plant in Goiana, Pernambuco, where all models of the national Jeep line also come from, as well as the “cousin” Fiat Toro. And since all these platforms share with other devices, the future image should be built on the same basis.

However, there is no information – at least bad and reliable – about the engine options, versions, name or even the estimated date of the launch of the model. But, since the crystal ball is being prepared here in the newsroom, we believe that this should happen in the middle of 2024.

Return which, in fact, is the first

It’s worth mentioning that, between 1998 and 2001, Chrysler produced the midsize Dodge Dakota here in Brazil. Therefore, there are people who say that a possible new model would represent the “return of the Sheep” to our country. Not at all. In those days, Ram wasn’t even a brand yet (this would only happen in 2010).

At that time, Ram was the name of Dakota’s older sister, a model who never gathered here. And, to add to the confusion, today – with the Stellantis group controlling many brands – even our little Fiat Strada is sold as a Ram 700 in some Latin American countries.

That is, as it happens, the launch of the new Ram mid-size image will also be the first of this brand as a national product. And, apparently, it could be the first of others, among its own models or, why, “improved” versions of Fiat utility vehicles, as it is already abroad.

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