Piastrigate: the twittosphere is on fire!

Piastrigate: the twittosphere is on fire!

Summer break is off to a strong start this yearespecially for Alpine to whom may not be easy ! The French team met recently back to the wall when Fernando Alonso announced he would join Aston Martin in 2023 the day after the 2022 Hungarian Grand Prix. Rumor has ithe made this decision without consulting his team and this after misunderstanding with his colleague and his president Laurent Rossi, following a dispute over a contract extension. And the least we can say is that Alpine had a more surprising response… In actual results, the French team has he issued a statement claiming that he had signed a contract with Oscar Piastrihis reserve tests, in orderhe will be promoted to F1 in 2023 as co-driver alongside Esteban Ocon.

Except that, and this is where everything goes in the circuit, the 2021 F2 world champion has he denied this news a few hours later, in a very negative way : “I understand that, without my consent, Alpine F1 published a press release at the end of the afternoon indicating that I will drive for them next year. This is a lie and I have not signed a contract with Alpine for 2023. I won. ‘I will not drive for Alpine next year ,” he explained. A particularly embarrassing response to Alpine and who has set the Twitter world on fire in just a few minutes, bringing Manuel Valls into the loop of this funny Piastrigate…!

A collection of piastrigate’s best tweets

Actually a little later, Williams has announced that he has extended his contract with Alex Albonwho shared the news with a parody of a message posted by Oscar Piastri. “I understand with my consent, Williams Racing have issued a statement to the media this afternoon saying that I will drive for them next year, it is true and I have signed a contract with Williams for 2023. I will drive for Williams next year. ,” he wrote on Twitter.

Besides, it is the entire planet of F1 who made a point to make their small contribution ! Mercedes, Haas or even Alfa Romeo have not failed to publish a photo showing their reaction to the scale taken by Piastrigate on Twitter

And not just F1, but then the whole sports world that participated in the celebration ! Taunton Town Football Club has even he approved the situation by announcing that he had signed a contract with Oscar Piastri for next season.

And since it seems so anyone can start Oscar Piastri without his consentWhy does NASA deny the Australian pilot?

Where Alpine finds itself in turmoilSome Internet users were amused by the fact that after sparking Piastrigate, Fernando Alonso is now quietly enjoying his holiday. However, the situation can be tense at the beginning of the school year…

And while the Australian driver is now expected to join McLaren, The situation could deteriorate for Daniel Ricciardo whose results are far from satisfying the British team and who could end up being a victim of Piastrigate