Piastri x Alpine F1 x Mclaren: Sorry for Ricciardo, by Mark Webber

Piastri x Alpine F1 x Mclaren: Sorry for Ricciardo, by Mark Webber

Oscar Piastri’s manager, former Formula 1 driver Mark Webber has his share of responsibility in the summer imbroglio between Alpine F1 and McLaren. But he is also indirectly behind the exclusion of his teammate, Daniel Ricciardo. Also, the former Red Bull Racing driver apologized to his teammate this week.

F1: Ricciardo has no grudges

This is what Daniel Ricciardo reports, who also wanted to show no animosity with the one who will replace him, Oscar Piatri in this case. The latter being formalized by the Woking team a few days ago.

“Obviously we haven’t seen each other in person. I don’t think he needed to, but he felt he wanted to somehow apologize and see how I was doing. Of course, I know how it is. Nothing personal. He wanted to make sure I knew it, I understood it, and it was okay. He feels very bad, obviously, the way it happened and the way things were portrayed in the media. Obviously it was nice to talk to him. I also talked to Oscar, to tell the truth, and to make sure there was no hostility. I understand how it works. He’s trying to get there, he’s trying to get into Formula 1. This time should also be very important for him. I don’t want to make things worse for him.”

“That’s it: it’s nothing personal. The conversation ended there. I really wish him success. I want him to have a good career in Formula 1. That’s the environment, that’s what it is, but I still like Mark a lot and I respect him. If there is no communication, you cannot know what someone is feeling or thinking.. Obviously, he is much younger than me. I don’t know how he feels, if he’s not comfortable communicating with me and knowing how I feel. Also, I wanted to make it clear that I understood his position. No strong feelings at all. It was good, I think it made him feel better. I think the last thing he wanted was to have some weird tension between some Australians alone. So I’m glad we did it.”

Everything is better in the brave new world now? Among the Australians, perhaps, yes… But for Ricciardo, the smell of the end of his career is clearly visible. Unless he agrees to go to Alpine F1 for one season (in case of Pierre Gasly’s unavailability) or to a team at the back of the grid…

Article was published on 08/09/2022 at 5:57 am

source: Motorsport