Piastri would sign a pre-contract with McLaren

Piastri would sign a pre-contract with McLaren

The Australian driver, who has indicated on social media that he will not race at Alpine in 2023, has signed a pre-contract with the McLaren team, according to Spanish daily Marca.

Which team will Oscar Piastri drive in 2023? According to Spanish newspaper Marca, the Australian would have signed a pre-contract with McLaren for several weeks. This would be the explanation of his communication on social networks this week, where he indicated that he will not drive for Alpine next season, despite the official announcement made by the French team.

Also according to Marca, Piastri was disappointed to miss out on a seat for the 2022 season and was afraid of experiencing similar disappointments for the next season. With no sign from Alpine, he therefore made the decision to sign a preliminary contract with another team, in this case McLaren.

Alpine will also have a contract signed by Piastri

The Australian could also go for Williams, who wants to replace Nicholas Latifi. But Piastri, supported by his agent Mark Webber, a former Red Bull driver, preferred to go to McLaren, which plays more for the top positions.

Alpine, for its part, would maintain the fact that they also had a contract signed with Piastri for the 2023 season, with even an additional year as an option. So the case could be settled in court, leaving the future of other drivers in doubt, including Daniel Ricciardo, who is currently at McLaren and who therefore does not know if he will have a seat next year.