PHOTOS – Divine Stella Belmondo: posing in a mini dress in Bali

PHOTOS – Divine Stella Belmondo: posing in a mini dress in Bali

On August 24, Stella Belmondo shared an interesting photo on the Internet. The 18-year-old young woman, who is ramping up her travels this year, is spotted out and about in an elegant, toned-down outfit in Bali, Indonesia.

Turquoise water, palm trees on every street corner, relaxing music… Yes, Stella Belmondo is in Bali! Jean’s youngerPaul Belmondo seems to be having the best summer of his life from the Indonesian island, famous for its temples and sublime scenery. To share her happiness, the 18-year-old shared a photo on her Instagram account. On August 24, Stella Belmondo was a goddess in several shots, taking pictures mini dress long colored sleeve, but fully highlighting the body of a young woman.

This is not the first big trip that the daughter of “Bébel” is making this year: Last January, Stella Belmondo flew to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Once again, showing his love for beautiful clothes, the youngest of the family had shared a picture wearing a dress lined in blue velvet, wearing gold jewelry.

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The rest of the year, Stella Belmondo is in London

Since the beginning of the year, Stella Belmondo lives in London, where she attends two schools in international relations and business management. This child was born from the union between Natty Belmondo (real name Nathalie Tardivel), and Jean-Paul Belmondo, whom she married in 2002. Stella had just celebrated her 18th birthday on August 13, 2021, when her father died the following month. On September 6, 2021, Jean-Paul Belmondo was 88 years old and died in Paris. He became a father Stella at 70 years old, The French actor, despite his age, developed a strong relationship with his younger brother.

I know that my father was not the same as my brothers and sisters before. I know he was more aggressive“, he shared this Galain 2021.But I, I came last, so I had a very good and kind father, who was not very authoritative”, revealed Stella Belmondo, facing the memory of his father.

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