Photographs of Eduardo Cobra in São Paulo

Photographs of Eduardo Cobra in São Paulo

In its open air museum, São Paulo has many works by the urban artist Eduardo Cupra. Very realistic images, often based on different color images. We invite you to discover the masterpieces created by the Brazilian artist in São Paulo.

Artist Eduardo Cupra

Born in 1975, just outside the southern zone of São Paulo, Kobra began his history of urban art with “pixação” or “tag”, like other graffiti artists from São Paulo.

Self-taught, he learned and developed his style by studying the works of artists such as Banksy, Eric Grohe, Keith Haring and Mexican muralist Diego Rivera. Now he is one of the most famous urban artists in the world, having produced his work in many countries around the world.

The artist was created in February 2021, Great Institute, an organization that sees art as a tool for social change for vulnerable youth in Brazil. The Cobra Institute also wants to be a place to promote various issues through art, such as environmental protection, peace talks, anti-racist agenda, respect between people and fighting for freedom.

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Frescoes by Eduardo Kobra in Sao Paulo

“Be Light” – “Be Light”

R. Oscar Freire, 329 – Garden

While shopping or walking along Rua Oscar Freire, look out for the “Seja Luz” mural. Inside the lamp, the artist painted “Le Penseur” by Auguste Rodin. During his examination in August 2021, Kobra explained to us that it was the idea of ​​humanity during the pandemic.

It is a reflection of how we refocus our values ​​to be the light in the darkness, the light in one’s life.

The work of Eduardo Kobra “Sega Luz” / Vincent Beauson

Like carps in Beco do Batman – carps in Beco do Batman

R. Medeiros de Albuquerque – 352 – Villa Maddalena

The work, located in the Villa Maddalena area, is about the Japanese immigration to Brazil. Through the carp or “Nishigoi”, a symbol of longevity, the artist wanted to show the opposition of the Japanese and immigrants. Back then, the cobra was inspired by works from the Nymphs series by Claude Monet.

Like Carps in Batman Alley / Vincent Bosson

live together – live together

R. Henrik Schumann, 782

The mural is a message of faith and hope for all victims of Covid-19 and depicts children from five religions: Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism.

to live together
Living together / Vincent Beauson

Bellarinas Staircase – Ballerinas Staircase

Stage at Rua Alves Guimarães, 754 – Pinheiros

In Pinheiros street, elegant dancers enliven the square and seem to float on the stairs that connect Rua Alves Guimarães and Rua Cardeal Arcoverde.

Bellarinas Staircase
Bellarina Staircase / Vincent Beauson

Hand of God – Hand of God

through Journalists. João Goulart, 565

The mural, “A Mão de Deus”, is 33 meters high and 7 meters wide. It is located at the end of Minhocão. For Cobra, this is one of his autobiographical portraits, inspired by some very difficult times in his life.

For Mao de Dios
Hand of the Deuce / Vincent Beauson

Oscar Niemeyer

Rua Paulista, 48

It is one of the most famous snake paintings in São Paulo. A tribute to Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer is located near Avenida Paulista, one of the most important streets in the city. Despite not being from São Paulo, Niemeyer created many masterpieces in the city, such as the complex architecture of the Ibirapuera Park, the Copán Building and the Latin American Museum.

Oscar Niemeyer
Oscar NiemeyerVicent Beauson

Linda of Brazil – The Story of Brazil

Rua da Consolação, 2608

The mural “Legend of Brazil” pays tribute to Ayrton Senna. It was painted in 2015 and recently restored, next to a building on Rua da Consolação, at the corner of Avenida Paulista.

there is Linda do Brasil
Linda from Brazil / Vincent Beauson

27. club

Rua Vernau Dias, 476 – Pinheiros

This Cobra wall art is very old. It is located in Largo da Batata, in Pinheiros, and represents some of the members of the famous Clube 27, created by artists such as Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Basquiat, Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain. Note that Cobra painted a new version of this fresco on New York’s Bohemian Lower East Side.

27. club
Club 27 / Vincent Busson

Bicycle couple – bicycle couple

Rua Tavares Cabral – 61- Pinheiro

O Casal na Bicicleta is a mural in Faria Lima that shows the importance of including bicycles in the urban mobility network.

a bicycle couple
The Bicycle Couple / Vincent Bosson

Peace Is Visible – Peace Is Visible

Av. of the United Nations, 12,555

This 850 meter fresco, which is located on the boulevard ao ciel ouvert of D&D Shopping Mall, is a tribute to the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize: le Dalaï Lama, Albert Einstein, Mère Teresa de Calcutta, Malala Nelson Mandela. , Gandhi Martin Luther King.

Seen for Peace / Vincent Beauson
Seen for Peace / Vincent Beauson

Mona Lisa

R. Vladimir Herzog – 75 years old – Água Branca

Cobra painted this work at the MIS Experiments in São Paulo, inspired by two major works of Leonardo da Vinci: “Monalisa” and “Self-Portrait”.

Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa / Revelation

A thinker – a thinker

R. Cel. Louis American, 130 – tattooed

The painting “O Pensador” and Cobra on the facade of SENAC Tatuapé, on the east side of the capital. The work is inspired by Auguste Rodin’s sculpture and shows a man – the Italian writer Dante Alighieri – thinking. I guess, so I’m there?

oh thinker
The thinker / Vincent Beauson

Ayrton Senna – Supracao

Interlagos. circle

The Interlagos mural was created in honor of Ayrton Senna’s 80th and 60th birthdays. The event is inspired by his victory in the 1991 Brazilian race, when he won the race in only sixth gear in the car.