Peugeot to launch 208 with 1.0 engine and two new features by June – 26/04/2022

Peugeot to launch 208 with 1.0 engine and two new features by June – 26/04/2022

Peugeot will present three innovations by the end of the semester in Brazil. The news was confirmed by Felipe Daemon, responsible for the brand in the country, in a special interview with UOL cars.

The executive, however, only revealed the launch of a new engine for the 208. UOL cars it can be said that it is the expected 1.0 of the Firefly family, which already hosts the entry versions of Argo.

In the case of the Fiat hatch, the set produces 77 hp / 72 hp and a maximum torque of 10.9 kgfm / 10.4 kgfm, associated with a five-speed manual box. The trend, however, is for Peugeot engineering to adopt its 208 modification, which should receive the engine in the Essential and Like versions.

Two new things were not revealed by the brand. However, specific areas, such as Mystery Cars, indicate that the manufacturer will launch a version of the Fiat Fiorino with the Peugeot logo. Called Quick Partner, the model will fill the void left by the former Partner, which was discontinued.

There will be no change in the old 1.4 Fire Evo engine, which delivers 86 hp / 84 hp and a maximum torque of 12.2 kgfm / 11.8 kgfm. The design follows the same lines as the Fiat car, which received its first facelift last year.

2008 will have a ‘slap’ on the look

The 2008 SUV underwent a second facelift

Image: Disclosure

The third novel is still unknown. Again according to Autos Segredos, for 2008 will get a redesign.

Changes would focus on the front end, with new headlights, bumper and grille. 2008 would also mark the beginning of a new logo for the brand, which still does not print the company’s designs in the country. The visual renewal will be accompanied by the launch of a special series.

lion team

The new 2022 model breaks Peugeot standards in the Brazilian market. In recent years, the company has become accustomed to a slow pace of launches, going a whole year (or even more) without news.

A change in philosophy came with the creation of the Stellantis group, which took control of the former PSA brands (Peugeot and Citroën). This bold stance made Peugeot gain market share at an extraordinary speed.

“We closed last year (2021) at 1.5%, from 0.7% in 2020. Today we have 2.5% and we had 3 months and a peak. Our goal is to reach that 3% this year, and of course, for that, we have news coming “, ponders Daemon.

“We joked internally that we have a team of lions, but the truth is that everyone is very engaged in the work. We got results very quickly, and I admit that I was surprised by that”.

youth leadership

Felipe Daemon - Disclosure - Disclosure

Felipe Daemon is responsible for Peugeot in South America

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Much of this success has been attributed to Felipe’s management. At just 33 years of age, he is the youngest executive in a leadership role in the automotive industry.

Before leading Peugeot’s operations in South America, Daemon worked at FCA, where he was responsible for the launch of the new Strada, the most important product in Fiat’s recent history in the country.

Good results earned him an exclusive invitation. “I received a call from Antonio (Filosa, CEO of the Stellantis group) inviting me and of course I accepted the challenge”, recalls Felipe.

208 did well with direct sales

Peugeot 208 - Murilo Góes/UOL - Murilo Góes/UOL

Direct marketing found 208 results

Photo: Murilo Góes/UOL

The executive said that Peugeot has already gone through a global repositioning process and is currently in the regional rebranding phase.

For this year, the manufacturer’s plan is to close 2022 “with at least 3%” of the market share. Daemon admitted that direct sales play an important role in the company’s good results.

“The most important thing is to be attentive to the needs of consumers and to be able to provide solutions through smart actions. Direct sales represent a very important part of the market today and we have identified an opportunity for Peugeot. A great effort with the dealer network to increase our competition, and we more than doubled our share in retail, and also with ship owners to put 208 on the street”

The young executive believes that direct sales also had a positive effect on the 208’s sales, as part of the hatch’s target audience was not familiar with the product.

“We launched the car in October 2020 and the feeling was that the consumer had not yet tried the car in a bigger way. On the other hand, the research showed that those who tried it liked the car and this increased the sales conversion. So one of the advantages of direct sales it was to put the car in the hands of more people, and make more people like and buy the car”.