Peugeot saw its global enrollment increase by 5% in 2021

Peugeot saw its global enrollment increase by 5% in 2021

Peugeot sales worldwide increased by 5% in 2021, reaching a total of 1,214,851 units. 208 remains the most sold style in Europe. The continent in which the brand makes up 78% of its sales.

The two best-selling Peugeot varieties in the world are 208 and 2008.

Peugeot has just launched its commercial results. And despite a difficult year under a shortage of semiconductors, they remain positive. The brand has actually increased by 5% compared to 2020, driven by two models, 208 which is the European market leader in all regions and 2008 which ranks first in the B-SUV segment in Europe.

Peugeot sold a total of 1,214,851 vehicles (PC + LCV) worldwide, including 943,805 in Europe. At 78% weight in its overall operations, this is clearly its main market. However, management of the lion brand indicates that 30 European exports increased by 5.5%. In other markets, Peugeot sold 109,876 vehicles in the Middle East and Africa, an increase of 20%. It has a market share of 24.3% in Algeria, 7.4% in Morocco and 7% in Egypt.

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In Latin America, the increase was 52% and 83,429 vehicles were sold. Among the successes highlighted by the brand, there is this 126% increase in Brazil and the best performances in Argentina and 208 by Partner. Further north, Peugeot sold 11,289 cars in Mexico, a 17% increase compared to 2020.

Record in Asia and Oceania

In China, Peugeot has risen by 36%, but with 37,815 registrations the French brand remains the youngest player in this highly competitive market. In Asia and Oceania, sales increased by 20% to 28,637 units. This is a record of sales in this area, operated by Vietnam, Australia, Taiwan and Japan. So in this country, as well as in New Zealand, the Lions are winning their landmarks which started in 2004 and 2002 respectively. Note that Peugeot opened a factory in Malaysia in late 2021, which will produce 2008, 3008 and 5008. for this region.

In particular, France, where the brand has high expectations, is usually the leading market for Sochaux with 362,762 units, followed at the time, but longer, by Italy (97,965 units). Come behind Britain (91,006), Spain (88,453), Germany (63,161), Belgium and Luxembourg (41,433), Turkey (38,968), China (37,815), Brazil (29,531) and Argentina (units) 29,531) 27,224 units).

Peugeot’s best-selling varieties are 208 (270,000; + 12%), 2008 (247,600; + 28%), 3008 (180,000; + 4%), Partner (90,600; + 7%), Boxer (66,600; +6 %) and Expert (65,900; + 19%).

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Regarding the various types of electrical installation, Peugeot announces that one in six cars sold in Europe had electricity. In the consumer market, Peugeot is growing at 12%. In February 2021, it launched its Landtrek takeover in the African and Middle East market (South Africa, Angola, Algeria, Nigeria, Morocco, Tunisia, etc.) and South America (Chile, Peru, Panama, Uruguay, etc.).

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