Peugeot plans to produce a new generation SUV 2008 in Argentina

Peugeot plans to produce a new generation SUV 2008 in Argentina

Two years after the launch of the second generation of Peugeot 2008 in Europe, the French brand is finally evaluating the possibility of making an SUV in Argentina. The information was obtained by Motor 1 Argentina, who spoke to the manager of Peugeot in the neighboring country, Gabriel Cordo Miranda. According to the executive, the French brand, which faces a new moment in the Stellantis group, is studying to assemble a new 2008 in the El Palomar factory, near close 208.

According to Miranda, there are several issues with this plan becoming a reality. One of them is a study of the reception of the Argentine public in relation to SUV. But the production of the model in Argentina would open the door to export to several South American countries, especially Brazil. In addition, it will be “hands on the wheel”, since the 2008 shares several features of the current 208 and, even, CMP platform.

The new generation of Peugeot 2008 debuted in 2019 – Disclosure / Peugeot

“The final decision still depends on the research of the project, the possible amount of production and investment income. Before the creation of Stellantis, the new 2008 was dismissed. Now it is not anymore. Projects go through different levels of maturity which, at a certain time, lead to the question of analysis of investment”, summarized Miranda.

The old generation continues in Brazil

At the beginning of 2020, Peugeot registered in Brazil industrial models of 2008 new generationrevealed in 2019. However, the compact SUV has not changed here, continuing the same crossover for sale since 2015. Although the crossover won the 2023 lineup at the end of June, held in Porto Real (RJ), where The new Citroen C3 will be done, the change was easy. After all, it was restyling that brought a light touch. In addition, the SUV won a new version, the Style, which follows the same line as the unnamed 208 hatchback variant and is suitable as a mediator.

Disclosure / Peugeot

Electric version?

It is important to say that Peugeot delivered e-2008 at the beginning of last year. This is the electric version of the compact SUV. According to the car manufacturer, there are studies on the response of the Argentine public to the variant, which uses a 136 hp electric motor of power and reach 345 kilometers of freedom on a full charge. This is also an option for Brazil, as the brand is already selling e-208which starts from R $ 264,000.

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