Peugeot e-208.  New upgrades before the new engine

Peugeot e-208. New upgrades before the new engine

In a letter sent to dealers, which was leaked at the conference, Peugeot announces the launch in September of a new version of its e-208, which now promises 400 kilometers of autonomy. In November 2021, the manufacturer had already saved its city car 15 to 21 km of autonomy (ie 362 km) thanks to a few modifications such as the adjustment of the reduction gear ratio or the addition of a humidity sensor that allows temperature and temperature control. air conditioner. Once again, Peugeot has improved the freedom of driving on the Love finish through tires and aerodynamic pack. However, the minivan will benefit from major changes when the facelifted version is launched in 2023.

More effective in 2023

The modified version of the 208 will have the new Emotors M3 engine, whose production started in Trémery in July 2022.

Currently, the e-208 has a 136 hp engine under Continental license manufactured by Vitesco in China or assembled in Trémery with parts from China. This electric machine will be replaced in mid-2023 by a new generation developed by Emotors (a joint venture between Nidec and PSA) and serially produced at the Trémery plant in France since July 2022. Called the M3 internally, this engine is available in several powertrains ranging from 100 to 150 kW (from 136 to 204 hp) depending on the local source. Peugeot e-208 should continue to develop 136 hp. The battery, meanwhile, will still be produced by China’s CATL, but with a change in chemistry.

Before resetting

This new E-208 will be available to order from September, but only in the entry-level As finish. Above all, it will enable Peugeot to offer a more competitive price, and the absence of certain comfort devices will benefit freedom. Around the middle of 2023, the French city car will go through the tuning box by sporting a face that has been retouched and changed by its multimedia system. Note that the revised e-208 will change milk since it will no longer be produced in Trnava in Slovakia, but in Zaragoza in Spain at Opel.

peugeot e-208 refurbished 2023 new engine emotors
In mid-2023, the revised e-208 will welcome a new electric machine produced by Emotors in France.

This new power train will be launched, according to our sources, with the DS 3 Crossback, which will be called the DS 3 at the beginning of 2023. It will gradually equip all models of the Stellantis group, knowing that the production capacity at the end. 2022 will be 200,000 engines at the Trémery plant rising to one million units in 2024.