Peugeot e-208 for 150 euros per month…for small drivers!

Peugeot e-208 for 150 euros per month…for small drivers!

Peugeot launches a new offer for long term rentals over 24 months, from 150 euros per month on his electric 208. An offer that tends to democratize the electric car.

How much is this offer worth in detail? Here are the details explored!

The first restriction: the offer has no contribution….it includes an initial contribution of 10,500 euros, reduced to only 2,000 euros after the deduction of the ecological bonus of 6,000 euros and the conversion fee of 2,500 euros.

If you can take advantage of the conversion bonus, this e-208 will cost you 233.33 euros per month. Still more than 50% off the advertised price.

And without the conversion fee, if we spread the contribution of 4,500 euros over 24 months, that gives us a monthly payment of 337.50 euros! That’s more than double the amount originally promised.

Another limitation: mileage. This is a question of a mileage limit of 500 kilometers per month, or 6000 kilometers per year. After 2 years, so you have to return the e-208 with a maximum of 12,000 km. In addition, each kilometer is charged at 7 cents. So it will be necessary to pay 840 euros more on arrival since he has driven the car 1000 kilometers per month.

This increases the average monthly cost over a period of 24 months to 372.50 euros per monthly mileage of 1000 km, and without the conversion bonus. A growing budget…

This offer is offered for the Peugeot e-208 Active, vehicle invoice excluding bonus deduction of 34,550 euros. At this price, this version offers alloy wheels, black window jambs and LED lights. Inside, there is also no navigation system, 3D cockpit, electronic mirror…

Otherwise you still have to add to switch to a better finish, like the e-208 Allure.

Our opinion: the starting offer is attractive, but it will be especially so for small operators, who have conversion charges. For others, it will not be attractive… It will also be necessary to switch to a more sympathetic version such as the Style series of the device. E-208 in hubcaps, that would be a shame!

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