Peugeot 408 Cross approaching

Peugeot 408 Cross approaching

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This coupe crossing, we already saw it a few weeks ago. So here it is again under the goals of Carscoops. We find a car with a long profile. It is a line of tape that goes up, but also a layer of leaking roof in the back that gives this impression. The small “fastback” side that usually fits the sedan more, but that’s very popular with buyers.

For others, the Peugeot hides its car very well and it is difficult to distinguish a small part of it. Even the shapes are masked with additives under camouflage. The good news is, we should have windows that go down the back and not the compass windows as in some designs.

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In the profile, it seems that this car leaves the side of the SUV more to look at the side of the raised sedan. The front, like the back, should carry the light signatures of the Lions brand. No surprises here.

Anonymous is still a name. 4008? 408 Cross? Some believe that removing it from the nomenclature of the SUV (double zero) would have clearly distinguished the “SUV Coupé” family. In the picture, you can see two hatches (one on each side) as well as a sheet of paper on the electrical section window warning. Obviously we have PHEV here.

These coupe SUVs are in style and attract customers ready to spend a little more money than on a sedan. This allows, in addition to “crested” the engine, to sell at a better rate and thus compensate for the decline in sales volume. The “Peugeot 408 Cross” should arrive by the end of this year 2022, or perhaps early 2023.

to summarize

Peugeot finally arrives in the Coupé SUV market. At Stellantis we saw that the formula worked for Renault and Arkana for example and we prepared responses. It will be the Peugeot 408 Cross which was launched in the middle of the trial period.

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