Peugeot 308 SW BlueHDi 130. The diesel is very good

Peugeot 308 SW BlueHDi 130. The diesel is very good

Where we will find that modern diesel is not so bad, in the end.

308 other?

Yes, but even though Aymeric told us about the “normal” 308 in the 225 hp hybrid version right here, I’m playing the authentic card by bringing you here a version of the station car with a 130 hp diesel engine and a manual gearbox.

Wow wow, a lot of information there. Let’s start with physical activity!

So, the 308 station car. In addition to the posters and presentations where Peugeot showcases its new high-speed compact disc, I select here for the “medium-range +” version (see “Allure Pack” in print brochures ), with low chiadé lights, a slightly brilliant grille, rims with the most common dimensions, in short, close to what we will find on the street.

Profile of Peugeot 308 SW

What you need to know is that I am a big (big) fan of the previous 308, for my taste of rare beauty. In this new generation, I see that we have lost a little bit of this trick and this future thing is probably the most rewarding, sure, but even bigger. As for the question of emblems, I became accustomed to and even ended up finding some charm in it, with this beautiful combination of heritage and modernity with this “high-tech” feature. Banks.

It stays behind that bothers me. As I expressed my love for 308 II to you above, I always found his version of SW a little softer on the butt. There, it is no longer the case, in a style that is still very busy … but I do not know if I like it or not. The fact is that I do not like chrome on the emission shield of the exhaust parts (relative, you’ll have to get used to the idea that these items are systemically bad and in bad taste) or tandem fog lamps / backlight. sadly lit lamps and poor bulbs. For others, once again, it is very busy, but I must admit that it seems crazy, especially in this excellent Rouge Elixir. How age will remain visible.

As a good rest, 308 SW grows compared to its younger sister; 26.9 cm more accurately, swallowed by an extended 5.7 cm wheel with an extended rear section of 21.2 cm (that makes us 4,636 m / wheel 2,732 m / PAF AR 1 m round). 21 cm further back, it promises a bigger trunk, and the figures show us to be equal to an impressive capacity of 608 liters, 196 liters more than a sedan! For comparison, the already large Citroën C5 X offers only 545 liters… A crazy figure that few competitors can approach, except the possibility of bag of mary poppins.

Stem of Peugeot 308 SW

The problem is that the rear passengers are few in number, and the room which is really not a surprise – but hey, the kids are overcrowded, and yet from IPCC reports there is no point in laying eggs, given the dire future we are preparing. . they. We are much better off front, especially when the seats are approved by the AGR and can be adjusted in all directions, as was the case in my copy (calculate 500 € discounts and fabric seats or 2,100 € if you would like to enter Nappa.) It remains my amazing feeling to sit on top. sana; not very high “all short” as one can get in an SUV for example, but very high in relation to pedal or sheath. But man, I’m used to running my butt every day on the road, so you shouldn’t have any problems.

Let’s talk about technology, let’s talk about the device, let’s talk about the dashboard.

I really liked this dashboard. The concept of “i-Cockpit”, an integral part of the interior design for ten years now, is being interpreted here with great modernity. The “small steering wheel + raised counters + large touch screen” of 308 SW may not be the best of the 508 but it avoids (thank God) the conflict of 208 and 2008. This experiment was also an opportunity for me. try both of them “new generation screen + touch button board” for a long time, and I have nothing to say in general except that it is well done: the ergonomic system of the smart phone screen allows you to create completely personalized menus, while five touch buttons , which can also be personalized, saving time and making it easier.

Peugeot Dashboard 308 SW

Let’s end with digital counters: as more and more developers are frustrating me by switching to analog and counter counters. completely identical synthetic (what does it mean ??), Peugeot has never disappointed me with graphic design and their highly successful transformation. My “redneck +” version forbade me to use 3D calculators, but I am still completely satisfied with the clarity, readability and authenticity of this 2D version. Rejoice!

(Oh yes, I noticed a slight hiccup: When Android Auto is activated, there is no more time display on the calculators or on the main screen. That doesn’t say it, but it is still a small problem every day.…)

Let’s go to mechanics. You said you have diesel?

Not only did I have diesel, I had diesel and a manual gearbox. I wandered around a bit in my memories and I don’t think I’ve been tested this tandem since Civic in … 2018!

Engine level, so I only had a diesel right in the 308 SW range (court 308, by the way) (all older PSA models for that matter, by the way): 1.5 BlueHDi of 130 hp, DV5RC for close by . A well-known barrier, with 300 Nm of torque, allowing Peugeot light -1,310 kg “only” – to go from 0 to 100 km / h in temperatures below 10 s. Attached here is a six-gear manual box, but of course you can choose the best EAT8 if the clutch pedal raises your blood pressure.

Peugeot gear lever 308 SW

So ?

And then… Well that’s fine. My first contact was a little weakened as the rough edges protruded from behind the elbow, in the grip area – at once, I couldn’t tell if this defect was unique in my style or not. general for all levers, but I still hope that the first theory is correct. Plus, what can I tell you? I find that this new generation of 308 offers a little sacrifice on the aggression side of what preceded it for the benefit of the comfort of the best quality, and it should be noted here that this was highly valued in this regard; this “new gen” 308 SW may not reach the flying carpet which is the C5 X, but it looks very attractive after a long time. And this comfort is emphasized, moreover, when the car is loaded!

In this case, we can ask ourselves questions about the possibility of having just 130 hp under the hood – a family station car with a large trunk can gain weight quickly. You know what? No problem ! So, yes, you should not hesitate to go downhill as you pass and exceed, but you should not forget two points: 308 SW is light (diesel Golf SW is 136 kg heavy when empty) and 300 Nm, still not disgusting. . Suddenly, we move the pépouze to the couple, everyone is happy, life is good.

Especially since it is so well delivered, this diesel. Unlike its counterpart from Volvo, it does not grow (much) and does not vibrate as well. No, in fact, it is a recommended barrier. Let us end with icing on the cake: with my reading of 5.2 l / 100 km after ~ 800 km on a wheel and a 52 liter tank, 1000 miles of freedom can be reached! 1000 km is a figure we are no longer accustomed to seeing, and which we will probably never meet again.

I am convinced. How much does it cost, you wonder?

At Allure Package, with automatic transmission, stylish Rouge Elixir, AGR + leather + and electric + seats and two or three other trinkets, I meet a total of … € 38,050. For a 130 hp station car. I don’t know about you, but I still think it’s a lot. My second problem is the material policy: no solar roof, no chiadé projectors, no 3D meters or electric gate even as an option; for all that, you have to write in GT & GT Pack will finish at a slightly higher price.

And so, your conclusion?

I had a very nice car in my hands, that’s an indisputable thing. And the fact that this excellent car has an imminent expiration date saddens me a little. Note, behind this deliberate inflammatory topic, I do not question the effects of diesel on a health and environmental perspective, focusing on the release of soft particles and nitrogen oxide. But engine manufacturers have done a remarkable job in recent years to provide diesel engines that are modest, attractive, and environmentally friendly – let’s thank SCR filter here, a valuable ally for capturing good bad particles.

I, the biggest defender of EVs since ever, have no problem saying that diesel remains the best choice for large rollers to this day. But it’s all over, and this oil will soon be just a memory. The Peugeot 308 SW BlueHDi 130 is an excellent body and no one will ever know.

Courtesy of photo: Jean-Baptiste Passieux

Many thanks to Anthony, Benjamin, Damien, Fabien, Guillaume, Hugo, Jean-Matthieu and Ronan for the great times and great photography performance. <3

I’m on Twitter: @JBPssx

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