Peugeot 308 PSE Precedence of Electric Model Video

Peugeot 308 PSE Precedence of Electric Model Video

The 225-horsepower Peugeot 308 plug-in hybrid whizzes into our underground parking garage in brilliant Vertigo blue, and we test it in the strong fall light after fully charging it.

Sure, yes, the French Golf, again… This alien attribution and its related cliches are becoming more tedious. Especially when the third Peugeot 308 in the meantime deserves to be recognized as an individual. Based on the top model, we will choose how we will use this.

Then, is the top model a sports fan? No, a plug-in hybrid: The two most potent propulsion systems are hybrid electric automobiles. Peugeot desires that the high-torque variations be seen as diesel substitutes. They may be relocated just as sparingly. In addition, local emission-free for at least 49 kilometers, as confirmed during our E-lap. Therefore, if you consistently plug the tiny one into the outlet, you’ll be able to navigate daily life on the cheap.

Peugeot 308 Hybrid 225e, exterior

However, you should not purchase a plug-in hybrid if you find the frequent charging to be unpleasant. Because of this, extensive electrical engineering generates virtually exclusively negative effects. Estimated weight: The tested 308 weights 1,659 kg on all four wheels with a full fuel tank and no passengers.

There is an onboard charger for 450 euros, however, there is no rapid charge capability.

Those who cannot install a wall box at home must depend on the public charging service; Peugeot offers a contract with Free2Move that provides access to more than 200,000 charging stations. Experience has shown us that this is a cumbersome alternative to your own gas pump if you want to drive electrically as often as possible. Especially considering that the car’s socket is located on the left, which is the street side. Not well suited for getting power from lanterns.

The models on the surface Arrange test-drive More information about the Toyota Corolla.

Our editing wall box has 22 kW in three phases, however, the 308 only uses around 6.5 kW in one phase. The battery is then completely charged after around two hours. The test vehicle conducts electrons via its onboard charger, which is subject to a fee (450 euros); otherwise, it would only be 3.7 kW with a proportionally longer waiting period. Then, in pure electric operation, it glides smoothly but is not very inexpensive.

The average fuel usage for the E lap is 24.5 kWh/100 km. Driven in hybrid mode, it is 7.7 l/100 km. Assuming a yearly journey of 15,000 kilometers, of which two-thirds are short excursions, the resulting fuel consumption is 2.1 l plus 17.9 kWh. All, not fantastic bargains.

Therefore, Peugeot does not extract every ounce of efficiency from the powertrain. If you take it leisurely, you will find an additional benefit: the four-cylinder engine starts smoothly in hybrid mode and is seldom mentioned. On the other hand, he responds gradually to acceleration, but the automatic transmission considers the selection of its eight gears first. This does not worry you if you are not in a rush.

If not for the sports industry and the expectations placed on the 225 horsepower. The 0-100 km/h acceleration time of 7.4 seconds demonstrates that these horses don’t exactly launch you out of the saddle at full gallop.

If the electric motor is unable to provide 320 Nm of torque to the hooves because of a shortage of battery power, the 308 will only trot slowly. In other words, the remaining 181 combustion horsepower and 250 Nm struggle to move the approximately 1.7 tons. The 308 is not particularly fond of storming off. Even deceleration is impossible since the brake pedal is difficult to manipulate. Obviously, the transition from recovery to a mechanical slowdown in hybrid cars is an art form in and of itself, but some manufacturers do it better.

Overall hassle-free chassis

The chassis tuning, on the other hand, is extremely effective – a kind of carefree all-around bundle of sure-footed handling and balanced suspension. So to say, a solid 80 percent interpretation. Despite the fact that the 308 does not stop with its first reaction, it metabolizes lengthy bumps in the depths of its dampers.

Peugeot 308 Hybrid 225e, interior

The steering wheel must be positioned low so that the high-mounted gauges can be seen.

Consequently, bothersome rolling is not a factor in driving dynamics testing; thus, go to the home track. However, the steering lacks a flair for bends here. On the one hand, this is because the steering wheel is tiny and must be positioned low in order to view the instruments above it. To use exaggeration, it pushes over the thighs of several coworkers. Recommendation: Take the 308 for a test drive to see if a comfortable triangle can be created with the pedals, seat, and steering wheel.

In addition to the position that requires some adjustment, there is a stubbornness – the input from the front wheels is limited to a little shaking when braking on bumps and tugging while accelerating through curves. However, the front axle turns surprisingly abruptly even while in the middle position, making corrections in crosswinds a matter of the fingers. Sensitive individuals whose interaction with the car is mostly based on the steering will disagree with this assessment.

If, on the other hand, you want to use the 308 to glide through ordinary life, you shouldn’t be too troubled by it. Enjoy other things instead, such as the well-designed interior. Possibly the new infotainment as well.

It appeals to digital natives; if you had to search up this term, you are not a digital native. As long as you have assigned your smartphone as a life friend, there is no difficulty. If you, so to speak, know how to push, wipe, and pull. Since it is just how the 308 wants to be served.

A high-quality interior with three-dimensional fixtures and clumsy speech input.

Alternatively, voice input is available. Although Peugeot is a long way from the Mercedes system’s subservience. The virtual woman hesitates often while she freely formulates her request, causing her driving finger to quiver over the screen.

The subfunctions’ diminutive symbols intensify the distraction. In terms of road safety, tablet-type operating ideas represent a step backward, notwithstanding their current advanced status. Only the huge menus at the top of the touchscreen are easily accessible; there are five squares at the bottom. In any case, you have the opportunity to mark them as favorites.

If the fittings had a three-dimensional look, fundamental components such as tempo digits would be accentuated with a floating effect. The function may be disregarded as a gimmick and disabled. Or, based on your particular preferences, you may investigate more; you will discover a variety of preset presentations that you can further personalize.

Visual delight

In addition to attempting to take things easy, we have therefore uncovered another trait of the 308: its desire to provide visual pleasure. Additionally, the cockpit’s exterior should be somewhat different. We would have settled on a cliche that is felt to be dragged out of the phrase folder every time a French automobile is evaluated if we had chosen to be unique.

The top hybrid is exclusive to the GT series and costs a minimum of 44,550 euros.

Regarding rummaging, we would also want to commend the many compartments for order-lovers, criticize the noisy ventilation of the air conditioning, and highlight the hybrid mode’s diverse configuration possibilities. Different e-ranges may be reserved or even conserved for driving in the next city center, for instance. And then there are the wonderfully supportive sports seats that come standard on the top model, which is normally quite well equipped from the factory. But is it sufficient justification to spend so much money?

What speaks against the powerful hybrid is that it is only available in the GT line, which starts at 44,550 euros – even after removing the subsidy of 7,178 euros, this is still a significant price that deserves consideration. Alternately, you may get the 180-hp Allure model with comfortable seats for 590 euros and a heated steering wheel for 590 euros (150 euros). Even the Drive Assist package, which includes the suggested blind spot help, would be included for 550 euros, and the whole price would be almost 4,000 euros less.

In any event, we believe it is more prudent to choose the less expensive Hybrid 180, which has the identical drivetrain configuration. The 1.6-liter engine is thereby restricted by 31 horsepower, yet the technology generates unrestrictedly high torque. And the torque rather than the horsepower. However, the leading model does not influence our top suggestion.