Peugeot 208 I, which one to choose?

Peugeot 208 I, which one to choose?

Sold from 2012 to 2019, the first generation of the Peugeot 208 is an impressive regular city car. It is widely distributed, which will allow you to get a copy that meets your needs easily.

Born 10 years ago, 208 preserves fine artifacts and general elements that remain to this day. It follows the custom of 20X models in Peugeot, including the popular 205.

Peugeot 208 I phase 1: from 2012 to 2015

Wanting to be more compact than 207, 208 returns with more basics and size in the spirit of 206. So it is to gamble on being smaller than Clio, which will not be an asset in the eyes of all customers.

Inside, the 208 has an i-cockpit pilot room with a popular low-diameter steering wheel, and instruments mounted on top.

This first generation of 208 in the photo above can be identified by its covers placed on each side of the lower ventilation of the bumper, and illuminated in chrome. The design is flexible compared to 207 with smaller optical units, and the logo is now attached to the cap and no longer on the grille.

Peugeot 208 at its launch

Peugeot 208 I phase 2: from 2015 to 2019

During the reset, the 208 was touched without changing its overall appearance. The Peugeot designers were satisfied with the quick adjustment, with a corrective grille with a heavy chrome strap and a new grille, a new front bumper with side scoops, bright red back lights, and new alloy wheels. This surface lift is also accompanied by changes in the array with the new engine (Puretech 110 and Blue HDI 100) and the arrival of the finished GT Line, see image below.

Modified Peugeot 208 model
Modified Peugeot 208 model

Peugeot 208 Engines

VTI / Puretech 68 hp: This 3-cylinder with 1.0 L transmitter is not very powerful and does not have an equalizer shaft to control its 3-cylinder sound. Which does not make it the best choice in the array! They are also provided with basic fines such as 208 Like, which are not well equipped.

Puretech 82 hp: 82 hp unit 1.2 3-cylinder was widely used in 208. This aspiring natural engine is not bad, although its performance remains normal. It was also under the manufacturer’s reminder, and Peugeot replaced most of the engines. It was a crankshaft problem.

1.4 VTI 95 hp: four pleasing cylinder, recommended mainly outside the cities because of its high fuel consumption in urban use.

Puretech 110 hp: The 110 hp turbocharged version of 1.2 Puretech appeared on phase 2 of 208.

VTI 120: 120 bhp 4-cylinder 1.6 desirable cylinder was released at the beginning of work 208. Smooth valued, but high fuel consumption.

THP 155: If its power level ensures good performance, this THP engine is not an example of reliability. Production resolved a number of issues in late 2013.

THP 200 – 208 hp: 208 GTI and GTI engine and Peugeot Sport. Moderately and powerful, this engine unfortunately encounters reliability problems.

1.4 HDI 68 hp: This low-power engine was affected by the early deterioration of its clutch.

1.6 HDI 75 hp: a reduced version of the 1.6 HDI engine, may run out of breath when re-ignited compared to more powerful versions.

1.6 HDI 92 hp: Good compatibility in diesel range, durable and pleasant

1.6 BlueHDI 100 hp: A very good choice, with an attractive clearance and a measured appetite.

1.6 e-HDI 115 hp: High performance for city diesel car, which simplifies driving pleasure.

1.6 BlueHDI 120 hp: Refined version of the original engine: just fine, if not the diesel ban in Paris in 2024 among other things …

Peugeot 208 Tech Edition
Peugeot 208 Tech Edition

The most interesting Peugeot 208 files

Speed: This basic finish is equipped with a leather steering wheel, automatic air conditioner, indoor lighting pack, visibility package ((automatic lighting, automatic wipers, photo frame), 16 alloy wheels, LED daytime running lights , and chrome molding of side glazing.

Feline: Feline completion covers the first phase of 208, taking over 208 Allure service by adding 17 ″ alloy wheels, panoramic glass roof, half leather mounting, whole grain leather steering wheel, and exhaust pipe. chrome.

GT Line: In phase 208, the Line version of the GT represents the most advanced version with sports printing, inspired by GTI.

Roland Garros: this special series is inevitable in Peugeot. 208 Roland Garros This is made of white or black pearl, 16 ″ Helium Gray Hephaïs aluminum rims and cabinets with orange molding, stickers on front doors, orange glass coverings, panoramic roof , a multimedia system with GPS navigation and Mirror Screen, orange seat belts, Sterling Silver / Perforated Lama special leather upholstery with sketch Roland Garros on file.

TechEdit: The 208 Tech version appeared to be delayed in the model’s career. Completed equipment: 16 ″ Titanium alloy wheels, black rear windows, full grain leather steering wheel, comfort pack, front parking aid, city-wide brake, rear camera, Peugeot Connect.

XY: Presented simultaneously with the 208 GTI, this finish had a special status in the column. It was reserved for the 3-door version, and was characterized by very complete hardware and more powerful engines. A good upper part of the column for those who do not want a GTI and appreciate the design of the 3 doors. Read our test Peugeot 208 XY

In terms of finishes, you will find a good number of second-hand Active 208, level 2 frequencies. Its capabilities are limited but sometimes enhanced by options, especially when it comes to importing cars. Forget the completion of the Access or Like series unless its price is not competitive.

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