Pérola Faria and Mario Bregieira and 5 more couples from Genesis

Pérola Faria and Mario Bregieira and 5 more couples from Genesis


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Few people know, but many actors in the soap opera the beginninghe gives Record TV, created a couple out of fiction. The biblical program that ended in November 2021 also had abridged chapters in the series Biblecurrently being announced.

Last Monday (31), actor Lulu Faria and actor Mario Bregueiraannounced in Instagram who are engaged. They met in the corridors of the station during the recording of Genesis in the fifth stage of the story, which deals with Abraham’s manhood.

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For those who don’t remember, Pérola played the queen of Egypt khen, for which he even had to shave his hair. Mario, in turn, gave life to gateAbraham’s nephew.

In addition to Pérola and Mario, five other couples of actors included the cast of Edir Macedo’s best film.

Look at five other royal couples that were in Genesis.

Thais Melchior and Alex Gruli

Thais Melchior and Alex Gruli They have been dating for two years and have never done an opera together. Genesis was the first opportunity, where he played the second wife of Jacob/Israel, Rachel, and he played Elon, in the phase of Jacob, the very last one in the plot.

The couple lives sharing messages of love on social networks. in the last oneGrulli congratulated Thais on his birthday.

To share my days with you is always to have a good kiss: when I wake up, before eating, toast, when we arrive and leave … it is always to be hand in hand, looking with love, beautiful love! To live with you is to enjoy every second and my full half. I love you! May your new year be just that, stick with me. Happy 31!“.

Actor couple Thais Melchior and Alex Gruli starred in Genesis (Instagram Birth)

Thais Muller and Bruno Suzano

Bruno Suzano and Thais Muller respectively, Uriel, in the phase of Abraham, and Maresca, in the fourth phase of the soap opera Record TV. The two maintain a discreet couple’s life, but occasionally post romantic photos on social media.

In some photos with his beloved, the actress, who is the daughter of actors Anderson Müller and Marcela Muniz, wrote: “He makes me smile from ear to ear.”wrote Thais.

Actor couple Bruno Suzano and Thais Müller starred in Genesis (Instagram Birth)

Karen Marinho and Marcelo Arnal

Other couples who starred in Genesis and have been together for a long time, specifically four years, are Marcelo Arnal and Karen Marinho. He played Alom and she Jezebel in the TV series Record.

Karen recently posted a series of pictures with a loved one. “Today is the day of my luck, the great luck I got in this life, sent by the greatest power to show me all the love that exists in this life! wrote the actor.

Actor couple Karen Marinho and Marcelo Arnal starred in Genesis (Instagram Production)

Clara Galinari and Henrique Camargo

Henrique Camargo lived Ishmael in youth and Clara Gallinari she played Leora in Genesis. Remember that the actress also did Espelho da Vida, where she appeared, and Amor de Mae, both from Globo.

At a very young age, they started dating off-screen in June 2021. In one of the messages to his girlfriend on social media, Clara, he wrote: “Of all the crazy people in the world, I wanted you”.

Actor couple Clara Galinari and Henrique Camargo starred in Genesis (Instagram Birth)

Lina Mello and Ronny Kriwat

Finally, the couple of the actor Ronny Kriwat and Lina Mello, who lived respectively Eliezer and Zilpah, one of the highlights of Jacob’s phase. In love, they post photos together on social networks from time to time.

In one of the publications, Kriwat, which is reserved for the novel of KingsHe informed his girlfriend. “Always learning from you! Thanks for everything, beautiful”wrote the actor.

Actor couple Lina Mello and Ronny Kriwat starred in Genesis (Instagram Production)

Separation from there to here

It is worth noting that, until 2021, there were eight pairs created, but there were two divisions.

Bruno Daltro and Leticia Almeida, who were actually married and have a one-year-old daughter, Teresa. In Genesis he played Gad and he Asenath.

old couple Barbara France and Mauricio Pitangawho also starred in the biblical plot, they were together for more than ten years and separated in November 2021. A few days ago, in fact, Bárbara took a relationship with coach Caio Franco.

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