“People do not understand how important Villeneuve is to Ferrari,” says Gino Rosato

“People do not understand how important Villeneuve is to Ferrari,” says Gino Rosato

Gino Rosato has worked for Ferrari for many years and is the second Quebecer after Gilles Villeneuve to work for this team.

The team is successful at the start of the season with Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, so much so that Leclerc even ranks first in the classification of drivers. Fascinating jumping after difficult years.

“Looking at 2017, 2018, 2019, there was no doubt that we had a good team. But we still ended up with bad seasons. We have seen the work that has been done since then. Enthusiastically, it brings good things in the future,” Rosato explained to 5 to 7 Wednesday.

F1 presented the first Grand Prix in its history in Miami last week, with Sainz and Leclerc taking second and third place respectively. According to Rosato, the event was well organized. He also believes that the text series from the Netflix platform as System: Run to Survive had a profound effect on the game’s popularity in the United States.

“I’ve been running Formula 1 for 30 years, but it was amazing the number of people who were there, in pad. System 1 changes its surface slightly. With Netflix, we also have more followers in America. I never thought I would go to the United States one day and see a show like the one we saw in the last few days. It was well done based on the situation, behind the Miami Dolphins stadium. But it was about how we were received by the response from the public that it was amazing. Netflix has brought enthusiasm to the public that we have not seen before. »

Rosato also shared the memories of two of Quebec’s top athletes.

Leclerc driving a Gilles Villeneuve car

May 8 was the 40th anniversary of the death of Gilles Villeneuve. Ferrari has honored Villeneuve’s memory several times recently. Even Charles Leclerc got the chance to drive the famous 314 race driver.

“I was there when Charles drove Gilles ‘car, which still belongs to one of my family friends who was a Gilles’ sponsor. Just seeing the car and hearing the noise, remembering that, brings back memories. The cars are completely different today, I saw different versions of F1 passing by My love started with Gilles, I never thought about working for 30 years in this world. There were so many emotions. I think people do not understand how important he is to Ferrari, he left his mark with his will, his heart and his madness. to Gilles. »

It was also the funeral of Guy Lafleur last week. The former CH hero, who was close to him, was a huge fan of Gilles Villeneuve. Rosato has a few items to collect in his possession, including the gear that Lafleur wore in his last game with the Quebec Nordiques.

“I met him at Gilles’ evening at the Gilles-Villeneuve Museum in Berthierville, we were all guests,” says Rosato. We sat together, talked and I did not know how much he loved Gilles and Formula 1. It is my childhood idol so every year I sent him things from Ferrari like a sweater, shirts or publishing. His son Martin with whom I am still talking, told me that his father was like a child when he received it. I never thought I would one day do something that would impress Guy Lafleur at this level. He was also a Ferrari guest at the Montreal Grand Prix. Friendship was formed. At the end of his last match, he was with Patrice Brisebois and other veterans, and I was close to him. He handed me his bag full of clothes and gear as a thank you. I was in shock. I appreciate this. »

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