Pays d’Olliergues Rally: Masclaux and Moulin sign Grand Slam

Pays d’Olliergues Rally: Masclaux and Moulin sign Grand Slam

Six out of six: the account is good. Favorites on paper at the wheel of Skoda Fabia, Arnaud Masclaux and Alexandre Moulin justified their status this hot Sunday with six steps of a total of 40 kilometers passed by the Rallye du Pays d’Olliergues.

A demonstration of strength and collective skill also from two people where Alexandre Moulin, a co-driver, returned to the seats after a break of nearly two years.

Masclaux and Moulin manage to win all the special stages with a perfect 3’33”6 time in the 6.5 km between Les Fages and Les Igonins and a 3’28”6 in the 6.8 km connecting La Fortiche and Cibertasse. . In the general classification of scratches, they set a time of 21’15”7 to finish the big minute in front of Louis Durand and Kevin Bruyère (Renault Clio R3).

Fast and enjoyable special

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At the start of the last special event organized by ASA Livradois Forez of President Thierry Dupecher, this place for the second winner still belongs to Maxime Boulakhlas and Guillaume Rognon (Skoda Fabia). With just 21 seconds behind after the first five rounds, proof of their resilience, they got into trouble and lost more than 7 minutes for the leaders in the final stage.

“We had a good meeting,” says Arnaud Masclaux, the winner. Alexandre was discovering the car, but I had no doubt about his level despite his stance. There was a good fight with Maxime Boulakhlas and it was a shame for him not to defend his positions until the end. very interesting and I like that.

Jean-François Cornil and Quentin Coly at the beginning of the Pays d’Olliergues (Puy-de-Dôme) rally

“I’m coming back from a few years’ vacation,” continues Alexandre Moulin. Meanwhile, Arnaud had done well without me. And then the desire to get back in the car and have fun took place. Winning a comeback is great. The steps of this protest are very fast. It is very beautiful and attractive, but it needs to have a very good rhythm ”. Masclaux and Moulin never lost it.

Classification of the 11th Pays d’Olliergues Competition

1. Masclaux-Moulin (Skoda Fabia), 40 km at 21’15”7; 2. Durand-Bruyère (Renault Clio R3), at 1’09”5; 3. Duret-Moulin (Citroën C2), 1’25”3; 4. Freycenet-Perrin (Renault Mégane), at 1’39”5; 5. Monteilhet-Charles (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9), 1’48”5; 6. Rousson-Machado Leite (Citroën Saxo), 1’54”2; 7. Delorme-Bret (Peugeot 106 S16), at 2’01”2; 8. Igonin-Ponchon (Peugeot 106 Rallye), 2’03”9 back; 9. R. Bonnefoy-V. Bonnefoi (Renault Clio), 2’11 ‘; 10. Crouzet-Da Costa (Peugeot 106), at 2’12”6.

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