parts guaranteed for life

parts guaranteed for life

Volvo France has updated its warranty policy for parts installed by its authorized network, which are now guaranteed for life.

The Swedish payment car manufacturer has introduced a “life insurance” for its spare parts, based on the observation that no one should pay twice for the same spare part when repairing their car. This offer is unique on the marketand applies to all Volvo customers who have had service performed in the brand’s authorized network.

“With this lifetime warranty program, we ensure our customers always benefit from the vehicle in its high safety capacity, a high level of expertise during technical interventions and peace of mind”explained about this event Yves Pasquier-Desvignes, President of Volvo Car France.

This “lifetime warranty” offer covers defects that occur with genuine Volvo parts, which have been purchased and installed in the brand’s authorized network. starting January 2, 2022. All you have to do is submit a paid invoice, which includes parts and labor. This warranty is non-transferable, and therefore valid until the change of vehicle owner.

Volvo Lifetime Warranty: consumables are not affected

All spare parts covered by this lifetime warranty, modified after the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty and from the date of launch of this program, will be covered for free, with no time or mileage limit. Matching work is also guaranteed, but some are excluded they should be expected, however, especially for consumables and wear parts.

Of course, this lifetime warranty does not apply to batteries, programs not related to replacement parts, consumables, wear parts or frequently replaced parts, original Volvo equipment, as well as parts replaced under the manufacturer’s warranty.

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