Paranaenses can choose a job representing PR in the Rádio em Movimento program

Paranaenses can choose a job representing PR in the Rádio em Movimento program

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Three artists from Paraná are participating in a selection of works for Mostra Rádio em Movimento, which celebrates the 100th anniversary of the first radio broadcast in Brazil. The selection of the work that will represent the state is done by popular vote on the Internet, also until Sunday, 25, Radio Day.

The works will be exhibited from Wednesday to Sunday, the 21st to the 25th, at the Museum of Image and Sound of Paraná (MIS-PR), in Curitiba. This Wednesday and Thursday, the documentary “Rádio Educativa do Paraná” will be shown, which tells the story of the station’s 70 years. Both tours and sessions are free.

The artists Bruno Cruz, Ariane Labre and Luiz Gustavo Vidal made paintings and interventions in church radios, which refer to the history of this means of communication, and the transmission of feelings and symbols, but also to the modernity of the communication vehicle that remains the same . technological and social changes in the country and in Paraná.

On the exhibition page it is also possible to find out and vote for works that will represent other states and the Federal District. The 27 radio stations chosen by the public to be part of the Rádio em Movimento program will be displayed at the National Museum of the Republic, in Brasília, in November, when the Brazilian Radio and Television Association (ABERT) celebrates its 60th anniversary.


The Moving Sound – Luiz Gustavo Vidal
Passionate about urban mobility, Vidal created small works and placed movement on the radio “capelinha” and wheeled installations, showing the human search for lightness and information from the beginning. Radio on wheels, moving sound. For news, radio takes us to world news. Communication evolution, agility, while running, changes. In radio and in the world, everything is cyclical. This work also has a QRcode and a record of the musician and composer Danilo Caymmi, son of Dorival Caymmi, about 100 years of radio in Brazil.

Luiz Gustavo Vidal is from Curitiba, lawyer, visual artist, designer, painter, sculptor, muralist and urban art maker. He participated in many exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, with work in various institutions. President of the Professional Association of Plastic Artists of Paraná – APAP/PR, Director of the Alfredo Andersen Museum and the Visual Arts Youth Center, was the first president of the National Commission of Culture and Arts of the Federal Council of OAB.

Interesting – Bruno Cruz
Inspired by his grandparents’ connection to the radio and old family photos, Bruno created scenes where the old meets the new. From the emotions heard through battery-powered radios in stadiums to the moments shared at home or with friends around the radio, Cruz embodies the passion of the Brazilian people. The artist also has a pocket in his work, the custom of his grandmother, who created a part of them to keep everything in the coat and pants. In Fascinio, the prop carries a microphone jack.

Bruno Cruz is a visual artist from Paraná, born in Telêmaco Borba. Her relationship with art dates back to childhood, her first inspiration being a graffiti painting on paper made by her mother during pregnancy. This story fascinated him and made him try to imitate the painting several times, realizing his interest, his mother began to use several exercises that improved his artistic attitude. In Curitiba, where he lived for 8 years, he got in touch with photography and was recording the daily life of the city. Since then, Bruno has followed paths that have led him to have art as a profession. Inspired by told stories, documentary images, music and memories, the artist explores the past and the present.

Paraná Connected – Ariane Labre
The sound waves that carry information and entertainment through the skies of Paraná are represented in this work. The artist brings araucaria trees, the symbol of the state, and uses shapes and colors to pay tribute to the artist Tarsila do Amaral, referring to the 100th anniversary of the Contemporary Art Week.

Ariane Labre, an architect from Rio de Janeiro, who lived in Curitiba since 2000. During her life she had the opportunity to know the difference and the real situation of Brazilians in many cities where she lived. The need to expand his creative process, from architecture to visual arts, was a natural form of development as a way to explore freedom. He works with painting, installations and photography, using materials that would otherwise be thrown away such as pieces of wood, paper and logs, and also undertakes Expographic and Curation projects, which are all part of a way to explore ways of expanding art and work space. . He participated in several exhibitions, including 3 participations in the Curitiba International Biennial of Contemporary Art, and painting, photography and conservation.


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Radio Shows in Motion – State Team
September 21 to 25
Museum of Image and Sound of Paraná (MIS-PR)
R. Barão do Rio Branco, 395
Free entrance

Programs “Educational Radio of Paraná”
September 21 and 22
Museum of Image and Sound of Paraná (MIS-PR)
R. Barão do Rio Branco, 395
3 at night
Free entrance