packages of Ionity centers in Europe

packages of Ionity centers in Europe

The Korean manufacturer offers two packages to its customers, with preferential rates for accessing Ionity Internet channels.

Hyundai is one of the network’s shareholders ionwhich includes more than 1,600 fast charging stations in 400 stations in Europe. The Korean manufacturer now offers its European customers two formulas provide access to discounted rates on Ionity network centers, and new Ioniq 5 customers will also be able to benefit from a one-year free subscription.

The first registration is called Ionity Premiumand intended for casual users: for a 13 monthly euro registrationHyundai customers will be able to benefit from the reduced rate on Ionity stations 0.29 euros per minute.

Hyundai: high potential for charging

The second registration is called Ionity Liteand issues since January 25, 2022 a monthly subscription of 4.50 eurosprovide access to the payment rate of 0.52 euros per minute. Hyundai is one of the first members of the Ionity network to make this offer, targeting occasional users.

For Ioniq 5 buyers, Hyundai offers one-year subscription to Ionity Premium: at best, customers of the launch version of Project 45 were offered two years of free registration for Ionity Premium.

In addition to Ionity, Hyundai also offers its customers access to a network of more than 300,000 charging stations in 29 European countries, thanks to the service. Charge myHyundaiissued in partnership with Digital Charging Solutions (DCS).

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