Our view behind the wheel of the new hybrid SUV Mazda CX-60

Our view behind the wheel of the new hybrid SUV Mazda CX-60

The CX-5 is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. Attractive, well-maintained and has a car, this lightweight SUV (4.56 m) has done a great job. This success allows the Hiroshima company to have high expectations for its new CX-60 (4.75 m) which is set above its younger brother and higher position. For him, Mazda has removed all stations, especially technical ones, and new 6-cylinder petrol and diesel engines that have been declared the best. But since they do not reach their best before the end of the year, Our first contact will be used for a hybrid version of the plug-in, available from the launch in September. The first for the Japanese who until then had a “simple” cultural hybrid only in the catalog and hybrid 2… made in France (it is a modified Toyota Yaris).

Lots of new stuff, but …

The plug-CX-60 mixer combines a 2.5 191 hp gasoline engine with a 175 hp electric unit mounted on a natural automatic box. nane-kasi. 327 hp and 500 Nm of total torque make it the most powerful Mazda in history, even though this SUV does not claim to be sporty. It’s all there to ensure the power of calm for this great man. However, behind the fairly accepted style in which you can get inspiration from Europe – there is a BMW in this long flat bonnet and a Jaguar in bow treatment – the interior layout seems to agree perfectly. It’s clean, well-designed and convenient to use, but it feels like you’re dealing with a bigger CX-5 instead of a brand new Mazda. Elegant competitors (BMW X3, DS 7, etc.) are more pleasing to the retina.

The CX-60 dashboard is quite modern and advanced, but it does not differ much from the CX-5 and the charge competitions perform much better.© Mazda

In the CX-60, if we value climate control and real buttons, monochrome temperature displays are outdated. A 12-inch touchscreen screen – you must go through the wheel – doesn’t impress either with its graphics or the quality of its menus at a time when the best telematics systems are rich with smart phone responses. In short, we are a little dissatisfied, especially since our dialect, which has no unique material stored with high fines, does not reflect the expected wealth. This does not prevent the new Japanese SUV from being too welcoming, providing a comfortable interior space, full seats for long rides and decent storage. As for the trunk, it looks good (477 dm³ advertised), even if there is not much in terms of size.

If there is one point that the CX-60 offers satisfaction, it is the back space. Meanwhile, based on the size …© Mazda

Behavior that remains refined

Still, we expected more from this enthusiastic Mazda. And driving only reinforces this first half-hearted feeling. Our trial version is not complete yet and some points can still be adjusted. However, despite its new propulsion platform – the PHEV offers a four-wheel drive – and its high-performance suspension (two-triangles in the front and many rear joints), the CX-60 lacks comfort from the start. Damping absorbs ripples well but giant 20-inch wheels regularly hit bumps in the road. Knowing that in the absence of controlled contamination, this Mazda does not offer any reconciliation status of Comfort. In addition, if the combination of the two engines provides a solid addition to this heavy vessel (1,995 kg), the driving line is sometimes frustrated, especially with the reluctance of a new automatic box. no converter. Including driving with electric power only, a large 17.8 kWh battery allows, according to WLTP frequency, 63 miles in mixed use.

Competitive competitive prices

Clearly, this CX-60 has the ability, which shows the chassis instead of playing, the body movements contained and the acceleration of power – 0 to 100 km / h announced in 5.8 s. But its progress remains to be cleared between unmistakable patterns and low mechanical noise when one requests 327 hp. We bet that the final designs will be more convincing because at this level of diversity, customers are demanding. However, with a display of 52,650 to 58,050 € depending on the finish, this PHEV CX-60 seems to be well priced, placing itself on the DS 7 Crossback E-Tense (52,000 € in 225 hp, 57 € 500 in. 4×4 300 hp ) and Hyundai Santa Fe Plug In (265 hp, € 56,540), staying a good distance from BMW X3 xDrive 30e (292 hp, € 62,150).

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