Our thoughts on the new Ami, hesitating?

Our thoughts on the new Ami, hesitating?

I had the opportunity to sit down and explore the new Citroën Ami. Here is my opinion:


Design wise, it is very long. It is also thin. It is long and thin. He looks weak. this car reminds me of Twizy. It’s also much lower than I expected and the color is lighter too.

I think it’s sold as a car without a license or something, but it looks more like a Renault Twizy. The best part of Ami is her back. He is wonderful. There is an artificial metal with seals. Really classy.

Internal affairs

The first words that come to mind are ‘normal’ and ‘cheap’. The dashboard is nice, but the plastic it’s made of is cheap. Same thing for the gear selector. Besides, it looked very ordinary, like Nissan or Toyota.

I was not in love at first. In the standard version, there is nothing that indicates that it is high-end, fashionable or even electric. On the other hand, he seems to be a good fit for the target. I didn’t feel like there were any rattles and rattles after a few thousand miles. In addition, the exterior is quite beautiful with a good wrap.

Photo gallery


I’m a big fan of electric cars and was planning to buy an Ami or Silence S04, but I wanted to see them in person first. After what I saw today, I don’t think I would take Rafiki, I can’t wait to see what the new Silence is worth.