our test of a new road full of features!

our test of a new road full of features!

Since 2013 and its arrival within the KTM group, Husqvarna has discovered a new horizon made of asphalt and less land. Not without success, as the Norden 901 proves.

A more eventful history than that of Husqvarna, better known today for its chainsaws than its motorcycles. This is all the more surprising as the Swedish label’s first 2-wheelers date back to the early 20th century, before becoming famous for motocross in the 1960s. Bought by Cagiva in 1987 then BMW in 2007 – which continues the “TT” trend -, the “Husky” fell into the hands of KTM in 2013.. Among Orange’s goals: to bring the Scandinavian brand back to the tarmac. After two roads in 2015, it is up to this Norden to make a place for itself among the many medium displacement routes.

Outside is used

As a complete stranger, this “901” therefore plays used students. High (854 mm) without fear, the Norden can be hit without difficulty, immediately providing a very comfortable driving position. Straight back, handles close to the hips and feet parallel to the hips, you don’t have to measure 2 meters to be comfortable.. Pressing the trigger activates the 890cc twin taken straight from KTM. Aided by a gearbox with precise selection and a continuous clutch, this parallel twin does everything to make your life easier. Flexible, low-vibration, gives confidence at low speed, where Norden also emphasizes good balance thanks to the low center of gravity and short wheelbase.

The new Husqvarna Norden has a powerful engine.© Husqvarna

A lot of features that also make the Swedish very fast in driving more rhythmically. With cornering ease, the Husky flies from one corner to the next, providing excellent braking that is strong and controllable.. By playing with the “up and down” shifter that will allow you to coordinate the report on the fly without making gas, then you will enjoy making the twin cylinder ride on the recovery. Which, with 105 hp and 10.5 mkg of torque at 6,500 rpm, has no punch or character! It is suspended at 5,000 rpm at 130 km / h on the highway, does not vibrate and even allows you to connect kilometers without fear.

Strong and strong

In addition, in order to have its suspension movement, the Norden undergoes less mass transfer than other methods in the braking phases. Undoubtedly less efficient on the road than the Yamaha Tenere 700, the 901 on the other hand is more accurate on the asphalt, where the comfort is already very satisfactory, thanks to the “passive” but fully adjustable WP elements. Note that its compound tires allow ramps without compromising road behavior. The only real drawback, insufficient wind protection on the body, screen compensation that is more aesthetic than effective.. It’s even more unfortunate that with its overflow tank and engine boot, this Swede protects the feet quite well. It will be necessary to go through the props, when the entry ticket for this Norden has not already been issued.

It has been published 08/29/2022 Updated 08/29/2022