Our opinion, from 4,500 euros

Our opinion, from 4,500 euros

This 6th generation Passat is one of the most successful. An excellent car that combines driving pleasure, comfort with space.

From 2005 to 2010, from € 4,500

Marking true evolution compared to its predecessors, this 6th generation of Passat, if not very young (2005), is. one of the most successful of the line. It offers a very good driving experience to combine ergonomics and controls that are smooth and precise. Very similar, his character encourages self-confidence (even more so on rare versions of 4Motion) and allowscover miles for complete calm, especially since comfort and sound insulation are the same. Added to this is the opportunity to live generously and a large stem with 485 to 1,565 liters (and even 600 to 1,730 liters on a SW station car), as well as finishes and well-crafted equipment. Conventional motors, at this price, are 1.4 TSi 122 hp and 2.0 FSi 150 hp gasoline ; better and more modest diesel 2.0 TDi 140 hp be a little more expensive or more than a mile.

Reliability 4/5

Most of the issues involved 2.0 TDi before March 2008, the date of adoption of the joint railway.

  • Engine 1.4 TSi: Rare timeline issues that were frequently remembered.
    2.0 TDi: power losses (turbo, EGR valve, unit injectors, etc.); RPM run (turbo stud); rattles (rocker arms, horizontal shaft, etc.); cold oil …
  • Gearbox : crackles (synchro ring); clutch chattering, adjustable; robot box …
  • Trends : vertical column blocked.

Examples of advertisements

1.4 TSi 120 Trend Line 2009 38,000 km € 8,500
2.0 FSi 150 Comfort 2006 58,000 km € 9,400

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