Our opinion, from 16,000 euros

Our opinion, from 16,000 euros

These previous generations of Hyundai Santa-Fe and Kia Sorento are among the few family SUVs that offer 7 seats as usual.

From 2012 to 2018 (Sorento from 2014 to 2020), from € 16,000

This large – but not very large (4.69 m) – 3rd and last Korean SUV.for sale under two Korean cousins ​​brands, Santa-Fe in Hyundai and Sorento in Kia, are one of the few to have 7 seats as usual, and even 9 for a longer version reserved for the North American market. In addition to its impressive lineup, revised in 2015 (Santa-Fe) and 2018 (Sorento), and family housing (apart from the stem volume at 7), provides very good comforton the seats with the damp side, and offers a neat finish with a very complete material, which becomes. swollen to a high-end finish. Although not very powerful, its behavior is harsh, especially on 4WD versions of all wheels, the most popular. It offers a choice between 6 gearbox, mechanical and automatic, its unique cylinder 4 liter 2.2 turbo-diesel with 197/200 hp and 421/440 Nm it is enough to move accurately around 2 empty tons.

Reliance 3/5

Loss of trust, frustration for Hyundai / Kia, and most of all after-sales service sometimes old and long-term warranty is not always respected.

  • Engine : turbos and modified needles.
  • Infection : modified gear boxes (mechanical and automatic); HS clutches (disc, thrust bearing, transceiver, flywheel, etc.); rear axles and variations have been changed.
  • Many malfunctions : diesel pump, parking brakes and hill start aid, air conditioner (plumbing), parking camera, unlocked start, outdoor mirrors, electric windows, burst window seals.
    Weak and plastic paint.

Examples of advertisements

Sante-Fe 2.2 CRDi 197 4WD Premium Limited auto. 2012 92,000 km € 16,900
Sorento 2.2 CRDi 200 ISG Premium 4 × 2 2017 66,000 km € 23,000

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