our opinion, from 10,000 euros

our opinion, from 10,000 euros

The first hybrid model from the old PSA group, this first generation 3008 is among the most affordable family members in the category.

From 2011 to 2015, from € 10,000

The first hybrid model sold by the former PSA groupThis 3008 HYbrid4 was launched in 2011, two years after the introduction of the first Peugeot family crossover. It combines a 2.0 HDi diesel block of 163 hp and an electric machine of 27 to 37 hp for a combined power of 200 hp.. If his The display is more than enough and its use is very measured (average 6.4 l/100 km), we’re disappointed by the lack of smoothness and responsiveness of its robotic single-clutch transmission. Highly endowed on the chassis side, this 3008, revised in September 2013, sees improved character with its electric motor that drives the rear wheels, making it useful.. All its features are preserved, with its wonderful chassis, it enjoys ergonomics completed with a cockpit-style dashboard, good comfort, as well as family space and modularity, even if its trunk does not have a cube here of only 362 liters. Often high mileage and still very high prices.

Reliability 3/5

No particular issues with the hybrid, but lower reliability than Japanese or German competitors.

  • HDi engine : DPF regeneration failure; power loss (turbo); hard start (needle or light plugs); weak accessory belt; Claws replaced.
  • gearbox : 2nd flyable gear (control module).
  • Applying the brakes : rapid wear of front wipers and discs; bad vacuum pump.
  • Low wagons : gimbals replaced; front (motor mounts) / REAR (electric motor reduction gear) clicks.

Examples of advertisements

hybrid 4 2011 115,000 km €9,900
hybrid 4 2014 91,000 km €12,500

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