Our measured test Citroën C3 Aircross BlueHDi 110

Our measured test Citroën C3 Aircross BlueHDi 110

Designed with curves, like a giant bear, the C3 Aircross has its role in the world of urban SUVs, even if it has it received the strongest design lights last year. Unfortunately, this small SUV received a large center screen (9 inches over the range vs. 8 inches before), new leather, along with Advanced Comfort seats that offer softer trim, that is to say. It is a pity, however, that Citroën has not made an effort to improve all these hard plastics on the dashboard, just like on the storm doors, which collide a little in the unit. And we always regret that the air conditioner controls require going through a touch screen sub-menu. Like we appreciate the 15mm foam curtain on the seats when we sit, unfortunately the seats and backs are still unsupported, lateral or lumbar. In addition, the position at the wheel, very similar, with the feet attacking the pedals from above, is close to that of the seat.

So it’s not set up for long-term travel. On the other hand, despite its reasonable length, this C3 Aircross offers a good space on board, including the rear seats. While the trunk, wide and deep, has the capacity to absorb 350 dm3 of cargo, one of the best values ​​in the category. And for those who want to transport large items, finish on the Shine Packaging provides a sliding bench seat in two parts more than 16 cm, as well as folding forward the passenger seat backrest to slide things for a long time.

Moderate and efficient enough diesel

With this modification, 1.5 BlueHDi gained 10 hp, going from 100 to 110 hp. Low vibration and well-restricted and sound, except in the city, this well-behaved diesel is available from 1,300 rpm and then delivers good extension thanks to 250 Nm of torque. Long transmission, however, you need to downshift to 5th to safely cross the road (80 to 120 km / h in 11.2 s vs. 17.2 in 6). But, except for this case, the BlueHDi 110 provides enough revitalization so that you don’t have to control the rubber box too much. We also see a slightly higher level of noise on the highway (71 dBA at 130 km / h), due to the loud sound of the engine at the back and the noise of the air, which the large roof bars do not help. If it’s not as clever as the 1.2 PureTech’s unleaded combustion, this BlueHDi shows it good stability whatever the use. With an average of 5.5 l/100 km and never more than 6.4 l/100 km on the highway, despite its bad aerodynamics, this small diesel SUV will ensure a good fuel budget for those who drive a lot and / or comfortable freedom, exceeding 800 km despite a small tank of only 45 liters.

Comfortable but not very agile

So we would appreciate a good driving position for big rollers, it is the only one today still consider diesel. However, they will benefit every day from it Very flexible suspension and soft seats ensure excellent filtration on deformations, even if the big anti-roll bars will absorb a lot of vibrations on rough roads. And then, as a result of this suspension in favor of comfort, The chassis of the C3 Aircross is not agile, nor incisive, nor particularly efficient. Not to mention the Bridgestone Turanza rubbers with above average grip, as evidenced by the extremely long stopping distance (72 m at 130 km/h). In short, This C3 Aircross prefers slightly winding roads and a quiet ride. For those who don’t appreciate it, the only other diesel option in the urban SUV category comes from its cousin the Peugeot 2008, charged €2,000 more but powerful to drive.