Opening of Tusity MG Poniente: hotel for business travelers

Opening of Tusity MG Poniente: hotel for business travelers

Tusity, a Canarian company specializing in business accommodation, has opened the doors of Tusity MG Poniente, a hotel that aims to offer a unique experience to business travelers, digital nomads and mobile workers in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The company specializes in providing accommodation and services to the port sector, MICE tourism and digital nomads in the Canary Islands, a community that has already exceeded its mobile workforce target set five years ago.

Hostelitur, July 29, 2022

Although Tusity MG Poniente has on-site reception and customer service, the company is changing to new customersmore digital, independent and autonomous, and offers online check-in, room keys on mobile and communication with the team at any time of the day through their favorite digital channels (WhatsApp, Facebook, email, Telegram, etc.).

In this context, and to meet the needs of remote workers arriving in the islands, MICE tourism and, in general, of those traveling for professional reasons, Tusity has been created together with Tusity MG Poniente. “a new concept of hospitality”.

Tusity is a company specializing in long-term accommodation or company stays, which welcomes workers from the port sector who come to the island or digital nomads who descend on Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to work remotely, combining work and leisure, so-called bleisure.

The company at the moment 5 accommodation buildings on the island (Tusity ONE, Tusity YEAH, Tusity COOL, Tusity WOW and Tusity MG Poniente) with two co-working spaces.

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