Opel will soon offer an electric and… sporty Astra!

Opel will soon offer an electric and… sporty Astra!

Opel GSi and OPC have disappeared from the catalog… The brand itself seems sad for this era, because during an interview given to the British magazine Top Gear, the design director of the brand, Mark Adams, suggested that they were developing a spicy Opel Astra. – e. It will probably look like the picture in this article, which contains the XS version of the Astra plug-in hybrid…

And for Peugeot?

The Opel Astra is sold in a 5-door version and as a station wagon (“Sports Tourer”). Both models are also available in a plug-in hybrid version. But at the beginning of 2023, a 100% electric version will be added, an idea that has already been mentioned for the Mokka. By entering the electric sports car market, however, Opel will not be alone: ​​the brand will face Volkswagen with GTX derivatives of the ID models. The name and design that these sporty Opels will take, however, are still unknown.

But if Opel is working on a sporty electric Astra, what about the equivalent at Peugeot? Indeed, the Astra shares its chassis with the 308, a model that will not have a “PSE” derivative, at least in the plug-in hybrid version. Will the French change their minds or will the Germans take another direction? Only the future will tell. One thing is certain: Opel wants to be an electric brand by 2028, with an electric Manta in the lineup starting in 2025. So why not an electric sports Astra?

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